Blog5 July 2013

The Answer My Friend….

Andrews Sykes – helping commuters staying cool in The City

A while back some bright spark at Andrews Sykes had the idea of giving out Japanese style fans to hot and bothered commuters at some of the busier railway stations across London. Obviously a blatant opportunity to promote the brand but equally a chance to provide a modicum of comfort and maybe even a source of amusement for Londoners

One of Our Smallest Fans

The idea was so well received that by popular request we repeated the exercise at the first hint of Summer. When the phrase ‘Barbecue Summer’ was mentioned on the BBC  we got cracking.

With even John Humphries, stalwart cynic on BBC’s Today programme suggesting the nation ‘prepare for a heatwave’ this week, it seemed timely

We’ve been out there distributing these small gifts of cooling air to our, ahem, fanbase and we hope the many thousand recipients will enjoy them – we certainly deserve what is a long overdue spell of sunshine so we can get back to our English habit of moaning about the weather. Only this time complaining about being a bit too warm…