Blog3 June 2021

Temporary jetting pump cleans mooring at popular yacht club

A build-up of marine crustaceans and other shellfish on the moorings of a prestigious Sussex yacht club compelled the owners to take steps to remove them. As well as appearing untidy, barnacles and other forms of arthropods tend to harden on surfaces and become extremely difficult to remove if left untreated.

In such situations, a high-pressure jetting pump will often prove sufficient in blasting off the crustaceans and cleaning the docks or boats on which they are attached.

Following the enquiry, our local expect based in the region conducted a site survey before presenting a solution that would facilitate maintenance of the affected moorings. We proposed the use of our 4” HP100 pump, which the client loaded on to a barge that was being used to access all parts of the site.

With dredging work of this nature, it is important to ensure the barge was of the right size to safely accommodate the working load of our pump. We have provided similar jetting solutions on previous occasions, with the suction hose drawing water directly from the sea.

The hire has proven a success so far and remains on site as part of the configuration mentioned above. Our client has decided to retain the pump throughout the summer, with the intention of conducting similar upkeep along other moorings on the same site.

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