Blog25 April 2014

Temporary cooling system keeps servers active

When a large exploration and production company replaced an old air conditioning system in their server room, an immediate replacement was sought to ensure operations proceeded as normal. The client – based in Aberdeen – contacted Andrews Air Conditioning regarding a temporary alternative which we quickly supplied following a survey of the premises.

We provided a high capacity H-PAC 90 unit and six lengths of 600mm ducting, with the entire system effective and functioning shortly after our arrival on site. It was necessary to remove two of the building’s windows and replace them with a plywood substitute, in order to allow ducting to pass through.

The delicate nature of the assignment meant that a fast response was vital, as the server room was responsible for controlling oil rigs in the North Sea. Had this crashed, production would have halted and cost the customer money until the servers were back online. As such, the client was satisfied with both our efficient service and equipment which kept the whole vicinity cool at short notice.