Blog30 July 2014

Temporary Cooling System Keeps Servers Active

A nationally-renowned exploration and production company needed emergency assistance at their offices in Aberdeen, while old Close Control air conditioning units were replaced. This meant that a temporary alternative was required immediately in order to keep a large server room sufficiently cool. Following a site survey, it was decided that an H-PAC 90 system would be delivered and installed, as it most closely replicated the capacity of the Close Control units. In order to accommodate the need for ducting, we removed two windows and replaced them with plywood. The unit itself is our largest mobile air conditioning model, and capable of cooling a range of applications including workshops, marquees or even open plan areas. Simple installation via a standard 3-phase power supply enables the product to be fully operational within minutes – crucial in this instance. Despite the urgent nature and delicate surroundings involved in the project, we provided a rapid and effective solution to the problem at hand.

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