Blog24 February 2014

Temporary boiler hire for TV headquarters

A multi-national television company in London was almost unable to broadcast to its 10 million viewers when their power supply waned; the facility itself produces its own power on site. In order to carry out emergency repairs the power source was shut down, which would have resulted in the entire location being without heating and hot water. The global broadcaster was faced with some knock-on effects of this maintenance which would have had severe implications on its ability to air.

An Andrews Boilers Hire engineer arrived on the scene within two hours of the initial problem arising. After surveying the installation he arranged for a temporary 250kW mobile boiler to be delivered and installed with the minimum of disruption. We even arranged a fuel management service to ensure that the boiler had adequate fuel to run unattended, thus affording the customer peace of mind.

With Andrews Boiler Hire’s ability to supply an immediate temporary boiler, the continued supply of heating and hot water was guaranteed. This allowed the studios to operate without disruption.

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