Blog11 August 2022

Tailored air conditioning solution during the peak of summer? No problem!

The healthcare industry has always been a key market sector for us, due in no small part to the fact that our excellent service lends itself to the needs of critical applications that demand swift action. That’s something we can and do provide regularly, which is why we have established a reputation for speed and reliability.

Not every project we work on involves dozens of units and multiple delivery drivers, however, naturally, we take every requirement seriously.

In the aftermath of the recent record-breaking spell, we received a cooling enquiry from a suburban health centre. Our client was conscious that although temperatures were not as high as they previously had been, the potential for another heatwave meant that pre-emptive action should be taken.Following a discussion with the site’s facilities manager, it was decided that a combination of Polar Wind, Polar Breeze and Double Cool units would be necessary to cool all parts of the building. The Double Cools were deployed in a clinical room which had no windows or openings, while the two air conditioning models were stationed inside the waiting area and reception.

Although the quality of our equipment is outstanding, it’s our service that is frequently highlighted as being second to none. There aren’t many other companies with the resources to send a technical expert to spec a job – particularly during the height of summer – but this process was both informative and reassuring from our customer’s perspective.

Thanks to our solution, both staff and patients will remain comfortable while working in or visiting a busy medical centre – and we’re always delighted to play a part in making people a little more comfortable while they go about their day!