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Andrews Ventilation Hire provide metal recycling company with bespoke extraction solution

When one of Britain’s leading metal recycling companies experienced a fire on a ship they were working on, an immediate ventilation solution was required to assist with the removal of lingering fumes. Our client was tasked with removing scrap metal from the ship’s interior but could not proceed until the contaminated air had been extracted.

Andrews Ventilation was subsequently contacted and made aware of the financial repercussions of our customer being held up – approximately £30,000 per day! An immediate response was therefore required, prompting our trained local specialists to visit the site later that day and propose an appropriate ventilation hire arrangement.

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Short-term ventilation hire assists with flume maintenance works

Andrews ventilation Hire was recently drafted in by a local East Sussex leisure centre to ensure all hazardous fumes were removed from their indoor swimming pool while maintenance work was carried out on their flumes.

As part of this process, the customer was required to recoat the flumes with a special resin. This substance creates highly toxic fumes which need to be cleared from the building’s interior to prevent workers from inhaling potentially dangerous toxins. As a result, a temporary ventilation extraction arrangement was required immediately.

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Famous shipbuilding company seek ventilation solution for renovation project

One of Britain’s most famous shipbuilding companies recently contacted Andrews Ventilation Hire in search of some effective extraction equipment. The requirement stemmed from their need to convert a famous old navy ship into a shipping container.

As part of the renovation project, the client in question was expected to remove large steel components from the ship before welding structure back together and making it watertight. Our specialists were tasked with providing a regular flow of fresh air throughout the container to ensure the removal of all toxic fumes given off by the welding equipment used.

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Andrews Ventilation Hire provides textile manufacturer with an extraction solution

One of the country’s leading manufacturers of PPE equipment recently contacted Andrews Ventilation Hire in search of an effective extraction solution to remove polluted air from their factory.

As part of the manufacturing process, our client uses various tools and machines to create and dye the fabric. During this procedure, a substantial volume of hazardous fumes are produced, making the working environment unsafe.

An Andrews Ventilation specialist was able to devise a practical solution having assessed the site, where it was decided that a FV900 S2 ventilation fan would be the best way forward. The short-term fan hire was perfect for extracting harmful fumes from the building – ensuring those working on site were protected at all times.

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Andrews Ventilation safeguards structure of waste-to-energy plant

When excessive temperature differences exist between a concrete structure and its surroundings, thermal cracking is likely to occur. The temperature variance will cause cooler areas to contract more than those exposed to warmer air and eventually leading to the formation of gaps. This scenario is particularly likely in power stations and refineries, where operational conditions regularly see temperatures exceed 400°C.

A newly-constructed plasma gasification energy plant in the Tees Valley recently approached us seeking a ventilation hire package to ensure the structural composition was protected. Non-recyclable products are incinerated on site as part of a process that converts waste into renewable energy.

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Automotive company call Andrews Ventilation Hire for extraction solution

In the present day, industrial and engineering processes are subject to strict production standards designed to protect operatives working on site. These legal requirements outline a series of health and safety standards companies must adhere to, meaning appropriate steps are immediately taken when compliance is in jeopardy.

This was the scenario an international automobile firm found themselves in after their production line encountered difficulties. They were attempting to strip a large battery which would directly lead to metal particles and dust being released into the working environment. This situation created an urgent need for a temporary ventilation system in order to avoid the dangers of operatives inhaling contaminated air. At this stage, Andrews Ventilation Hire were contacted to help find a practical solution.

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Andrews provide emergency ventilation solution to world-famous chocolate spread manufacturer

At Andrews Ventilation, we understand that manufacturing facilities are subject to stringent quality control checks which, if not met, can have devastating consequences. Like with any type of business, food production companies have specific output targets they are expected to meet and when controllable factors contrive to affect this, appropriate steps are quickly taken.

This scenario was typified when a world-famous chocolate brand encountered issues inside its largest production factory. Extreme seasonal temperatures had led to mechanical components overheating, meaning a cooling arrangement was immediately required.

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