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UK’s largest pumpkin growers seek ventilation equipment for Pumpkin yield

Andrews Ventilation Hire has helped one of the UK’s largest pumpkin growers save millions of the popular squash plants during a challenging harvest season.

The client in question stores pumpkins on site prior to sale and distribution to major UK supermarkets. They had become extremely concerned about the possibility of their produce deteriorating and becoming unfit for sale due to excessively warm storage conditions, meaning a ventilation hire package was needed immediately.

One of Andrews’ regional specialists visited the site and calculated the quantity of pumpkins we were dealing with to ensure an adequate ventilation solution was proposed. As a result, our experts deployed and installed twenty-two ASF950 ventilation fans to help combat warm temperatures and drive humid air away from the application.

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Specialist farm hire ventilation to protect pumpkin yield

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, a large pumpkin farm in Cambridgeshire was keen to protect fresh harvests to ensure they were suitable for retailing. Restricted air flow within storage facilities had threatened to cause difficulties, so a solution was required urgently to prevent more than six million pumpkins from succumbing to humid conditions.

Like all living organisms, pumpkins continue to respire even after being picked which has implications for their saleability if appropriate steps are not taken. A large number of pumpkins will therefore restrict air flow – increasing the likelihood of mould forming and insects breeding.

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