thermostat wars

NHS’ new cancer centres require urgent source of heating

Falling winter temperatures are normally the catalyst for the healthcare sector turning to us for their temporary heating requirements – and this year has been no different.

Last week, we were contacted by a client in southwest England who is building a new cancer centre on behalf of the NHS.

To ensure the project could be completed on time, it was imperative that a solution was found to combat the cold weather affecting wet trade drying times.

Within hours of receiving the inquiry, our local expert conducted a site survey. This process allowed us to ascertain that temperatures on the building site would need to be kept above 18 degrees.

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Thermostat arguments hotting up with winter now upon us!

With Christmas fast approaching and temperatures plummeting accordingly, couples up and down the country are engaging in intense stand-offs – and you might be surprised about the reason why.

An annual battle for the thermostat seems to have commenced in most households which has predictably sparked an endless cycle of disagreements.

Andrews Heat for Hire recently surveyed 2,000 cohabiting couples on the matter, with around half of respondents admitting that they have quarreled with their partner over the temperature of their home.

Our findings also uncovered that more than 90% of people switch their central heating back on before December which means that arguments are extremely prevalent at this time of year!

A common cause of conflict is the cost of overuse, with 62% of those asked pinpointing rising energy bills as a factor they’re particularly wary of. This mindset is responsible for one in seven couples delaying warming up their property for as long as possible.

Naturally, some take matters into their own hands. Almost 60% have returned homed to discover the temperature has been changed to befit the preference of their partner – a regular catalyst for spats!

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