Sewage pumps

Swift pump hire ensures sewage treatment maintenance project is completed months ahead of schedule

When one of the country’s largest sewage treatment plants reported an issue with their fixed pumps, they knew that Sykes Pumps could provide a suitable replacement pump hire package while the original units were repaired off site.

Two of the customer’s pumps were therefore taken offline, and we had to propose a solution that would also facilitate the repair of a valve which was crucial in staving sewage effluent and preventing overflowing.

It was decided that deploying six 6” submersible pumps in the overflow chamber and having a seventh on standby would be sufficient for over-pumping a flow of 1,200 litres of sewage per second. Positioning our pumps inside the chamber could have proved a real challenge but any potential difficulties were overcome by using the cranes on our Hiab lorries.

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Sykes Pumps provides off mains drainage solution

Amid the construction of approximately 250 new properties in Essex, Sykes Pumps was contacted by the housing developer and asked to resolve an issue pertaining to the removal of waste and sewage. Despite some of the homes already being inhabited, the surrounding residential area had not yet been connected to a sewer main.

As a result, all sewage was retained within a 15,000-litre cesspool on-site, which naturally requires emptying once it reaches full capacity. With no permanent solution available and our client suffering some negative PR due to the extreme odours being given off, a temporary pumping arrangement was required.

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Sykes provide emergency wastewater pumping solution

When one of Britain’s largest water suppliers suffered a collapsed sewage pipe, it was imperative that action was taken quickly to prevent further damage and contamination.

A local pump hire specialist based in the area was sent to site to assess the problem and decided that the best course of action was to recommend a 150mm super silenced diesel pump, along with 100 metres of hose.

The pump hire package effectively intercepted the flow of wastewater and pumped it to the nearest manhole, whilst the sewage pipe was fully repaired.

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Sykes assist major water provider following sewage pumps failure

At Sykes Pumps, we understand the need for immediate response times and operate a genuine 24/7/365 business to accommodate this need. As the UK’s leading pump hire company, we have the means and resources to handle emergency projects when out-of-hours calls are received, guaranteeing engineers can be on your site within a four hour timeframe.

So when we received one such call from a major water company suffering sewage failure, Sykes Pumps acted quickly to overcome the issue and prevent any serious long-term effects. At the request of our client, we worked through the night mustering and checking equipment ahead of a first light delivery on a crane lorry. Restricted access threatened to complicate matters, but our specialist vehicle fleet comprising of 4×4 lorries ensured we had the capability to override any potential difficulties.

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