Pumps sector – Water & Waste Treatment

Conversion of water recycling centre kept on track by Sykes Pumps

When Anglian Water opted to swap thermal dryers for an HPH advanced digestion system at their recycling plant in Grimsby, our expertise was required to ensure the transition was completed as seamlessly as possible.

Complications arose when the client’s existing pumps were unable to handle an increased level of solids content, thus meaning a temporary substitute was essential. We were then drafted in to help ease the situation, with two diesel pumps initially delivered and set-up within a few hours of preliminary contact.

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Southern Water pumping station kept operational

Pumping stations play a vital role in transporting fluids from one place to another and as such are used across a range of infrastructural scenarios – including land drainage and sewage transfer. So when a Southern Water facility in the Kent area suffered blocked pumps and discharge lines, an emergency solution was necessary to restore the plant’s functionality.

A collapsed road nearby had caused sewage and water mains to burst, flooding the gardens of a number of properties in the area. In addition, the high water table and sandy conditions led to silt finding its way into the pumping chamber which prevented it from operating properly.

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Major water provider requires intervention from Sykes

When regional water and sewage companies encounter difficulties, the implications could potentially affect tens of thousands of people at any one time. So when a northern provider required a temporary pump system while essential maintenance was carried out, they contacted us in search of a tailor-made solution.

There was a need to sustain a flow of effluent to a filter tank while the customer’s syphon to spreader arms were replaced. This was accomplished by offering a 3” submersible sewage pump feeding pipework spread around the feed bed.

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Kent-based sewage treatment works assisted by Sykes Pumps

Following prolonged spells of heavy rainfall throughout the last twelve months, 2014 is likely to be remembered as the wettest year on record in the UK. During this time, Sykes Pumps have overseen a number of major projects in order to mollify growing pressure on sewage plants throughout the country.

One of those – located in the South East – required additional pumping on site to cope with swelling day-to-day demands. The client wished to increase the capacity and discharge quality of their facility, and we proposed a suitable hire package following an in-depth site survey.

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