Pumps sector – Water & Waste Treatment

Sykes Pumps responds to burst water main in Kent

When a burst water main in Kent threatened to impede road users at a busy roundabout junction, a major water contractor responded quickly to address the issue.

The problem intensified with every passing minute and led to significant volumes of water creating puddles and subsequent disruption caused by the need for traffic to be diverted away from the area in question.

With immediate action required, the contractor chose to use one of our Rapid Response pumps which was on standby at their local yard. Our client retains the pump on a long-term hire, with its ability to be legally towed by any medium-sized vehicle enabling customer sites to be reached within minutes of a callout.

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Sykes assist local authority with sewer repair

Sykes Pumps were recently drafted in to provide a short-term pumping equipment to help overcome a burst combined sewer in Beckton, east London. It was therefore imperative that a swift pump hire solution was commissioned as soon as possible to over-pump the waste water back into the sewer system.

Soon after receiving the call, one of our engineers visited the site to conduct a free survey before recommending the best pump arrangement for their application. It was decided that an XFP301M 12” submersible pump – run on a 160kVA generator – would be the best solution to cope with sustained sewage flows.

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Swift pump hire ensures sewage treatment maintenance project is completed months ahead of schedule

When one of the country’s largest sewage treatment plants reported an issue with their fixed pumps, they knew that Sykes Pumps could provide a suitable replacement pump hire package while the original units were repaired off site.

Two of the customer’s pumps were therefore taken offline, and we had to propose a solution that would also facilitate the repair of a valve which was crucial in staving sewage effluent and preventing overflowing.

It was decided that deploying six 6” submersible pumps in the overflow chamber and having a seventh on standby would be sufficient for over-pumping a flow of 1,200 litres of sewage per second. Positioning our pumps inside the chamber could have proved a real challenge but any potential difficulties were overcome by using the cranes on our Hiab lorries.

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Sykes Pumps help leading university with construction project

When one of West Sussex’s leading universities had plans to develop a new engineering and technological facility, Sykes Pumps was on hand to provide a temporary over-pumping solution to help facilitate the project.

The scheme in question was taking place on a live university campus so required an immediate pump hire solution to assist with a sewer diversion while a section of the existing sewer mains was being replaced.

After assessing the site, our specialists recommended the installation of two 8” electric submersible pumps. The pumps were able to over-pump the sewage from the manholes to a section of the mains approximately 80 metres away in each location, enabling the segment in between to be removed.

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Sykes provide emergency wastewater pumping solution

When one of Britain’s largest water suppliers suffered a collapsed sewage pipe, it was imperative that action was taken quickly to prevent further damage and contamination.

A local pump hire specialist based in the area was sent to site to assess the problem and decided that the best course of action was to recommend a 150mm super silenced diesel pump, along with 100 metres of hose.

The pump hire package effectively intercepted the flow of wastewater and pumped it to the nearest manhole, whilst the sewage pipe was fully repaired.

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Sykes Pumps expand hydraulic submersible hire fleet

Following the incredible success of Sykes’ hydraulic submersible pumps, it is with great excitement that we introduce an additional unit to the existing range to further broaden the selection of hydraulic pumps available to our customers.

The 3” Hydraset 80 joins our pump hire fleet with immediate effect and gives clients another bespoke pumping solution for deep suction lifts.

Comprising of a power pack, pump end and a set of hydraulic hoses, the Hydraset 80 has been designed for deployment in a multitude of surroundings including construction, marine, quarrying, wastewater and any other remote location where electricity is unavailable.

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Sewage diversion required for major construction scheme

One of the UK’s leading development companies recently required some overpumping assistance in order to simplify a major sewage diversion. Fortunately at Sykes Pumps, we had the necessary levels of expertise to handle the issue effectively and by doing so helped keep a multi-million pound assignment on schedule.

The company in question was looking to overpump a main sewer line and subsequently needed constant flows exceeding 1000 litres per second. The waste system had to be relayed along a new path due to a number of new houses being built in the immediate vicinity.

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Lancashire sewage network extended following Sykes Pumps’ intervention

The erosion of a river bank is likely to have both economic and safety consequences if not addressed quickly – particularly in a built-up area. So when the waterfront of a prominent Lancashire river began to wash away, there were fears it could interfere with nearby sewage lines.

There was, therefore, an urgent requirement for a new sewer to be constructed and connected to the original network in order to complete a diversion. Sykes Pumps were then approached by a prominent UK infrastructure company and asked to provide equipment that would accelerate this process.

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Sykes Pumps remove floodwater from landfill site

Generally considered to be the most cost-efficient method of disposing waste, landfill burial remains extremely common throughout the UK, despite the emergence of alternative processes including anaerobic digestion and waste-to-energy incineration. However, climatic factors – particularly heavy rainfall – can seriously affect such sites and slow productivity if not addressed quickly.

At Sykes Pumps, we have a wealth of experience working in such environments and as such have developed an unrivalled understanding of their particular requirements. One of our major clients in this field is based in the South East and has been hiring pumping equipment from us for several years.

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Conversion of water recycling centre kept on track by Sykes Pumps

When Anglian Water opted to swap thermal dryers for an HPH advanced digestion system at their recycling plant in Grimsby, our expertise was required to ensure the transition was completed as seamlessly as possible.

Complications arose when the client’s existing pumps were unable to handle an increased level of solids content, thus meaning a temporary substitute was essential. We were then drafted in to help ease the situation, with two diesel pumps initially delivered and set-up within a few hours of preliminary contact.

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