Pumps Sector – Local Authorities

Sykes assist local authority with sewer repair

Sykes Pumps were recently drafted in to provide a short-term pumping equipment to help overcome a burst combined sewer in Beckton, east London. It was therefore imperative that a swift pump hire solution was commissioned as soon as possible to over-pump the waste water back into the sewer system.

Soon after receiving the call, one of our engineers visited the site to conduct a free survey before recommending the best pump arrangement for their application. It was decided that an XFP301M 12” submersible pump – run on a 160kVA generator – would be the best solution to cope with sustained sewage flows.

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Sykes Pumps help local council avert flooding

When local housing and shops suffered flooding following heavy rainfall in Essex, Sykes Pumps were approached and asked to help facilitate the construction of a new culvert.

The client had plans for building a large culvert in the affected area, with the aim of allowing excess storm water to drain away from nearby residential and commercial properties. While works were taking place, our engineers were required to provide an immediate pumping solution to over-pump the excess water – allowing the contractor to install the culvert.

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Road construction scheme aided by Sykes Pumps

Renowned for tailoring solutions to suit customers in the construction sector, Sykes Pumps regularly work alongside the industry’s biggest contractors and provide arrangements designed to accelerate various types of projects. Requirements can range from bypassing existing systems right through to flood prevention programmes which, if not assessed accurately, can cause major delays costing both time and money.

So when a road extension scheme in the Waterlooville area of Hampshire was being repeatedly disrupted by intermittent downpours, a pump hire was absolutely imperative to avoid further postponements. Prior to our intervention, the site was flooding every time it rained.

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High water table threatens to bring bridge construction to a standstill

When members of Reading Borough Council identified a particularly hazardous stretch of road within the area, they were keen to have an elevated footbridge constructed to enable pedestrians to cross safely.

However, a high water table due to the River Thames being in close proximity meant that a cofferdam would need to be built once the surrounding area had been successfully drained. A 24-hour pumping system was therefore needed indefinitely, with a Super Wispaset  hired to the client following the initial enquiry.

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