Pumps Sector – Environmental

Sykes Pumps develop new environmentally friendly silt separation system

In the majority of cases, water pollution is caused by the presence and prolonged build-up of sediment, silt and other abrasives which puts mounting pressure on our clients to ensure discharged water is as silt free as it can be before being reintroduced to a natural watercourse.

Increasing requirements for companies to take their ecological obligations seriously has led to Sykes Pumps adding a new environmentally friendly product to our extensive hire fleet – the Sykes Silt Away.

By deploying a Silt Away unit on site, customers can be confident of avoiding substantial fines and adverse publicity, as well as suffering enforced closures. In recent months, a number of organisations have been hit with hefty financial penalties for not taking sufficient precautions – including a major housebuilder who was fined a six-figure amount for negligent practice.

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Canary Wharf dock regeneration overseen by Sykes Pumps

In the peak of summer, fresh water cannot hold as much dissolved oxygen when temperatures rise and this can have deadly implications for fish and other wildlife. The rapidly changing conditions make it extremely difficult for inhabitants to acclimatise, which, combined with the growth of algae, can cause a number of problems if not addressed quickly.

Oxygen depletion is the most common cause of fish deaths in ponds and lakes, so when a client encountered this issue during a period of warm weather, they contacted Sykes Pumps in search of a hire solution.

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Sykes Pumps safeguard popular stretch of coastline

As one of the UK’s most popular seaside resorts, Exmouth Beach in Devon attracts a large number of visitors during the summer months. So when a damaged storm drain caused a sinkhole along the beach, it was of critical importance that the issue was tackled quickly to ensure the continued safety of residents and holidaymakers.

Sykes Pumps are the sole suppliers of pump hire equipment for South West Water and they required an emergency solution to help alleviate a potentially dangerous issue. Fluctuating tides contrived to cause additional problems from an operational perspective, but a regional technician was able to propose an appropriate response a short time after visiting site.

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Sykes Pumps dewater lake at London angling club

Every year, one of the capital’s most revered fishing societies needs assistance removing stock from one of their lakes, in order for it to be transferred to other parts of the country. A high water table at the location in question has however meant the client’s previous attempts to supervise the necessary dewatering process haven’t been as successful as expected.

Past instances have led to water refilling the stock pond almost as quickly as it could be pumped out, which is why Sykes Pumps were contacted to arrange a more suitable solution.

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Fishing club seeks remediation assistance

When a local fishing club began experiencing an increased presence of algae in its lakes, they contacted Sykes Pumps in search of a rapid solution. Algae are essentially plant-like organisms that grow when a body of water contains inadequate nutrients or is deprived exposure to enough light. A nutrient-enriched lake is likely to cause large quantities of algae to develop, and when this occurs it poses a problem to a lake’s long-term condition.

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Sykes Pumps aid lake regeneration

When algae in lakes bloom excessively, it can reproduce too rapidly and eventually cause the water to be full of decomposed organisms. A lack of sunlight can harm the photosynthesis process which in turn gives off carbon dioxide – causing the algae to die. This will then have direct implications for the lake itself, reducing oxygen levels below required amounts for fish and other forms of aquatic life to survive. A rise in organic matter will also lead to nutrients being released back into the lake, and this will once again trigger the beginning of this harmful cycle.

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Sykes Pumps assists wind farm project in Essex

When wind turbines are constructed on farmland or open spaces, it is imperative that water is removed from the excavations and ground foundations. So when our client – one of the UK’s largest engineering and construction companies – approached us regarding an effective pump hire solution, we made sure we delivered equipment that was suited to the application.

Due to the unstable ground conditions a temporary roadway tracking had been installed, which enabled the use of diesel driven units. The units were ideal for use in such remote locations. The customer hired 4 x GP100M pumps and 2 x GP150M pumps, these units were delivered to site along with all of the necessary hoses and couplings. The units were installed on site and dealt with the flow rate perfectly.

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