Pumps Sector – Docks

Local authority seeks Sykes’ input on canal repair project

Like almost everything, canals, banks and locks require sporadic maintenance and inevitably succumb to wear and tear over time. A wide range of work may be undertaken to help preserve a canal and its surroundings, with the primary objectives normally being to prevent any long-term disruption to waterways and avoid any environmental destruction.

For more specific projects, such as the repairing of canal walls, a planned approach may be necessary to ensure conditions allow the work to be completed successfully.

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Submersible pump solution facilitates repairs on Kent lock

Even today, locks play a crucial role in water navigation and allow boats to be raised or lowered between different stretches of a canal. From time to time, these unique contraptions require maintenance to ensure the integrity of components and their continued functionality.

Sykes Pumps was recently contacted by an infrastructural project manager working on behalf of the Environment Agency. Our client was looking to carry out some repairs on a lock in Kent but needed our assistance before they could commence. There were two parts to this project – draining the lock and then controlling the flow of water thereafter.

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Temporary jetting pump cleans mooring at popular yacht club

A build-up of marine crustaceans and other shellfish on the moorings of a prestigious Sussex yacht club compelled the owners to take steps to remove them. As well as appearing untidy, barnacles and other forms of arthropods tend to harden on surfaces and become extremely difficult to remove if left untreated.

In such situations, a high-pressure jetting pump will often prove sufficient in blasting off the crustaceans and cleaning the docks or boats on which they are attached.

Following the enquiry, our local expect based in the region conducted a site survey before presenting a solution that would facilitate maintenance of the affected moorings. We proposed the use of our 4” HP100 pump, which the client loaded on to a barge that was being used to access all parts of the site.

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Historic warship undergoes major refit courtesy of Sykes Pumps

With a broad array of pumps available for hire across the entire country, we are frequently adapting complex solutions tailored to suit our clients’ needs. We also recognise that different industries will have different requirements, and have the breadth of resources necessary to ensure all can be accommodated.

So when a dockyard near Plymouth contacted us in search of hired equipment to aid a boat renovation, we were able to propose an appropriate package. One of the UK’s most renowned serving warships required repainting and had been moved to a dry dock to facilitate this process.

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Sykes Pumps dredge boatyard in Devon

Dredging is a process undertaken with the purpose of gathering up sediment from the bottom of the sea and disposing of it in a different location. A boatyard in Devon needed to dredge its marina and contacted Sykes Pumps with this purpose in mind. Silt needed to be removed from the area to prevent build up. The tide easily brings silt in but doesn’t take it away, hence the need for dredging.

A dedicated Sykes Pumps engineer arranged for the delivery of an end suction diesel pump. This high pressure pump was supplied with 2 x 4 metre pipes. The dredging process could only be carried out when there was an outgoing tide, when the water level was only two metres deep. The customer expected the dredging process to take six weeks however amazingly the work was completed in four! This saved the boatyard a great deal of money and was less expensive than employing the dredging company that had completed the task previously. The dredging went according to plan and definitely exceeded the customers expectations.

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