Pumps Sector – Building & Constructiion

Lancashire sewage network extended following Sykes Pumps’ intervention

The erosion of a river bank is likely to have both economic and safety consequences if not addressed quickly – particularly in a built-up area. So when the waterfront of a prominent Lancashire river began to wash away, there were fears it could interfere with nearby sewage lines.

There was, therefore, an urgent requirement for a new sewer to be constructed and connected to the original network in order to complete a diversion. Sykes Pumps were then approached by a prominent UK infrastructure company and asked to provide equipment that would accelerate this process.

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Road construction scheme aided by Sykes Pumps

Renowned for tailoring solutions to suit customers in the construction sector, Sykes Pumps regularly work alongside the industry’s biggest contractors and provide arrangements designed to accelerate various types of projects. Requirements can range from bypassing existing systems right through to flood prevention programmes which, if not assessed accurately, can cause major delays costing both time and money.

So when a road extension scheme in the Waterlooville area of Hampshire was being repeatedly disrupted by intermittent downpours, a pump hire was absolutely imperative to avoid further postponements. Prior to our intervention, the site was flooding every time it rained.

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Sykes Pumps dewater site ahead of road construction scheme

As part of a major development in the Maidenhead area of Berkshire, local authorities have authorised the construction of a new road and bridge to help moderate vehicle traffic in the locality. Prior to work commencing, a large industrial site had only one access point which had gradually led to an increase in congestion during peak periods.

This scheme also included the installation of a concrete culvert beneath the road surface, allowing an adequate passage for passing water. A high water table present in the bedrock threatened to stall this stage of the process however, necessitating the contractor to seek external assistance from groundwater specialists Sykes Pumps.

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Sykes Pumps assist major archaeological dig

At Sykes Pumps, we regularly provide dewatering assistance to clients in the construction industry to ensure building or excavation projects can go ahead. So when the Museum of London Archaeology was looking to pinpoint an 1800-year-old city defence wall near St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, a temporary pump arrangement was sought.

The construction company running the site contacted Sykes Pumps to come up with a solution which could be implemented quickly. This preceded a regional technician meeting with the client the following day, enabling both parties to discuss an appropriate course of action without disrupting ongoing digs.

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Sykes Pumps assist with Scotland’s largest infrastructure project for a generation

With the Queensferry Crossing set to be open for use in 2016, there is great pressure on contractors involved in the project to have it completed on schedule. The development is expected to cost the Scottish Government around £1.4 billion once finished, with the primary purpose of reducing traffic flow on the adjacent Forth Bridge.

A series of pumps were, therefore, required to help ballast a barge by driving water in and out of various compartments. This process is essential for keeping the boat stable while engineered components are transported onto it.

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Sykes Pumps launch new Bentonite Pump range

As a company committed to expanding our hire fleet, Sykes Pumps are delighted to unveil a new range of specialist Bentonite pumps. Driven by popular customer demand, our technical team have developed two new models: the B150 and the B150E.

Manufactured specifically with the construction, utility and civil engineering sectors in mind, these bespoke innovations have been developed around our existing GP150M both in terms of specification and performance.

Available in two versions – B150 (diesel engine) and B150E (electric motor) – the Bentonite pump has been designed for projects where deep piling or excavation work is being carried out. Both models deploy a 60 cfm rotary vane vacuum which ensures automatic delivery of prime and re-prime whenever required.

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Leisure facility requests pumps for groundwater removal

At Sykes Pumps, we pride ourselves on handling dewatering schemes efficiently and at the first time of asking. A high water table at a caravan park was causing delays to a construction programme, and when a competitor tried unsuccessfully to rectify the problem, we were asked to provide a solution that would do the required job.

Our client originally had three pumps on site but their ineffectiveness meant an alternative pump hire arrangement was necessary. Environmental Agency licencing laws stipulated that water could not be pumped directly into a nearby river, meaning the designated discharge point was set approximately 500 metres away from site.

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Sykes Pumps help alleviate traffic on busy A road

As the UK’s leading pump hire specialist, we are providing a wide range of units to manage the water table of a major excavation site in Coventry. A thorough investigation by an independent traffic information provider concluded that Tollbar Island in the East Midlands region is widely recognised as being among the worst blackspots in the country – hence a desire to improve it.

The findings resulted in a three-year programme being put in place, with a new traffic interchange on the A45 set to be constructed as part of a plan to reduce congestion.

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Sykes Pumps assist petrol station construction

As the UK’s largest supplier of specialist pump equipment for hire, we regularly work alongside customers in the construction industry. So when a large supermarket chain required assistance for a new petrol station in the Devon area, we were contacted by a local contractor overseeing the project.

A 5 metre hole was to be dug in order to house a large tank, but after reaching a depth of 3 metres our customer encountered the water table. A pumping solution was needed immediately to allow work to continue in accordance with the schedule.

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Sykes Pumps assist major redevelopment assignment

As part of a £1 billion regeneration scheme north-west of Birmingham, Sykes Pumps were contacted by a national civil engineering company in charge the project. A complex land reclamation plan had been drawn up which  was dependent upon a long-term hire arrangement to ensure it could proceed as planned.

Three GP150 and two GP100 pumps were therefore provided, as well as two 3” Submersible units and a power generator. These were installed on site within a few days of the requirement being brought to our attention, and are expected to remain in place for between six and eight months.

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