Pump Hire

Turning waste into value: Helping our customer boost efficiency

We recently began an exciting new partnership with a leading UK water company on a waste management project. When they built five new anaerobic digester tanks to process food waste at one of their facilities, they called on us to help optimise the tank drainage system.

After an on-site survey, our team recommended installing three of our GP150 super silent pumps to rapidly empty the tanks on demand. The pumps’ flooded suction discharge design prevents clogging while providing reliable, quiet operation. With two duty pumps and one standby unit connected to the tanks’ 6” outflow flanges, we implemented a robust pumping solution to keep operations flowing smoothly.

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The future is here: We’re redefining the pump hire industry!

It is with great excitement that we announce the introduction of two products that could alter the landscape of the pump hire industry.

From today, we can proudly offer customers two variations of the groundbreaking Variable Performance wastewater submersible pump – billed by the manufacturer as the world’s first pumping system of its kind to incorporate integrated intelligence.

What does this mean?

Sykes Pumps’ continual evolution goes hand in hand with exploring new possibilities to push traditional boundaries when it comes to innovation. Our Variable Performance pumps truly break new ground, featuring previously unseen software functions and cutting-edge hardware.

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Adapted submersible pump arrangement gets client out of deep water!

As pump specialists for more than 165 years, we understand most projects are bound by stringent time constraints and that these must always be adhered to. Our flexible sales engineers are trained to work under strict deadlines and are prepared to go above and beyond to ensure safety measures and quality standards are always upheld.

Recently, a utility contractor needed to carry out a survey on a large section of a sewage treatment works in South London. The water level in the area was too high and needed to be pumped down to a level safe enough for operatives to enter and conduct their assessment.

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Video: Stage V pumps – our sustainability pledge ✔️

We’re proud of the steps we’re taking towards carbon neutrality, and our compliance with Stage V regulations is just one constituent of that commitment.

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Everything you need to know about accessories when hiring pumps

Sykes Pumps offers an extensive range of pumps for hire from its locations all around the UK. In addition to the pumps available for hire, it is important that they are supported by a comprehensive fleet of ancillaries to provide a genuine pumping solution capability across a wide range of applications.

Accessories should not be taken for granted as the quality and capability of the range are critical for effective solutions to support pumping applications. Some of the key accessories that we offer are highlighted below, providing safe, environmentally conscious solutions for customers in any scenario.

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Groundwater removal paves the way for luxury spa

A specialist framework contractor frequently entrusted with high-risk developments sought the assistance of an equally trustworthy pumps supplier in order to complete a project in Oxfordshire. As part of plans to improve facilities on the site of a Grade II Listed country estate, our client was asked to lay foundations for a new health and spa lodge due to be built within the grounds.

Our involvement specifically related to the need to remove vast quantities of rain and groundwater from the new building’s footprint. The base of the new structure was due to be approximately 20 metres below ground level, meaning any pump proposed would need to be able to operate at heads above that height.

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Civil engineers require pumping solution to lower water table

The development of an 84-acre plot of land on the outskirts of Cardiff was threatened by lengthy delays due to the area’s high water table, promoting the civil engineering company responsible for the project to contact us.

And although excessive groundwater was undoubtedly the primary issue, there were further complications caused by the fact that there were no outlets available nearby for us to responsibly discharge water removed from site.

It goes without saying that a high water table can be extremely inhibiting for building developers, as the flow of any groundwater beneath the surface can affect the strength and compressibility of soil, and thus impact its ability to support structural loads. That’s why any sub-surface investigation needs to be thorough and will generally involve the removal of nuisance water.

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Sykes delivers pumping station alternative on building project

As part of the construction of a new residential development in Kent, a temporary solution was required to plug the gap while a permanent pumping station was built on site. Our customer explained that most new-build properties – particularly those with basements – necessitate excavation work that that may pose a risk of altering natural underground watercourses.

Because of this potential hazard, there is a constant need to maintain and operate a pumping station on site, which acts as a waterproofing system and tackles any potential drainage issues before they impact on the properties located in the vicinity.

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Sykes Pumps assists construction of replacement railway bridge

The rebuilding of a railway bridge in Bristol was dependent upon the availability of a reliable pump hire solution. Our client requested an arrangement that would permit the removal of groundwater at multiple locations and allow construction workers to proceed with an upgrade project costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

As the contractor was required to complete the project within a relatively short space of time, the urgency of the initial enquiry meant we had to act quickly and efficiently to deploy multiple pumps just hours after the call.

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Sykes Pumps aids Cumbria pipeline installation

A Keswick-based contractor sought a tailored pump hire solution for the purpose of transporting water during an underwater tunnelling job, prompting them to contact Sykes Pumps. The proposed hire would allow the contractor to successfully proceed with the installation of a new pipeline that was being constructed to allow the transfer of water within Cumbria and back to a primary reservoir.

As the contractor’s site was experiencing a severe issue with run-off water, the scope for larger problems further down the line could have potentially stalled the entire development.

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