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Thames Water seeks emergency pump hire following burst water main

An emergency pumping requirement demands an instant response, particularly when the implications of inaction include members of the public being severely inconvenienced. This was the situation a revered construction company found themselves in after a burst water main in Thamesmead left a quiet residential area flooded.

The contractor was left to handle the project on behalf of Thames Water, with their desire to rectify the issue as soon as possible prompting them to contact Sykes Pumps. Having phoned our local depot in Charlton shortly after the problem was reported, it was evident that the client had an understanding of precisely which unit they were looking for to help remove the nuisance water on site.

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Pump hire averts drainage issues on residential site

When a major housebuilder working on a new residential development in Surrey encountered a drainage issue on site, they turned to Sykes Pumps for assistance. The problem stemmed from the fact that many homes were already occupied before connections had been fitted to the drainage system installed beneath the properties.

Essentially, this meant that rainfall was retained inside a manhole which needed to be continuously emptied to prevent it from overflowing and flooding the surrounding area. The client indicated that they expected a significant delay caused by difficulties with getting the connections sourced and fitted to resolve the issue.

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Submersible pump solution facilitates repairs on Kent lock

Even today, locks play a crucial role in water navigation and allow boats to be raised or lowered between different stretches of a canal. From time to time, these unique contraptions require maintenance to ensure the integrity of components and their continued functionality.

Sykes Pumps was recently contacted by an infrastructural project manager working on behalf of the Environment Agency. Our client was looking to carry out some repairs on a lock in Kent but needed our assistance before they could commence. There were two parts to this project – draining the lock and then controlling the flow of water thereafter.

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Sykes demonstrates commitment to clean air strategy by adding two more reduced emission pumps

As a progressive and forward-thinking company renowned for leading the way within our industry, we have always been on the front foot when it comes to minimising our environmental impact.

A global trend geared towards both businesses and individuals reducing their carbon footprints has led to many companies actively pursuing the greenest operating methods, and this is becoming more and more prevalent with every passing month.

At Sykes Pumps, we have always been committed to taking steps that cut our emission contribution and have retained this as a primary factor for consideration before embarking on any product development.

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Generational residential development on track thanks to Sykes Pumps

After years of delay caused by the original contractor going bust, a major housing development in Northamptonshire has been given the green light to proceed. The plan includes the construction of almost 1,500 new homes, a school, community centre and three sports pitches, with groundwork currently underway to help get the project in motion.

Having inherited a site that was severely blighted by the presence of a surface water pond, our client was initially tasked with completely draining it before any foundations could be laid. Discussions with the local water company were helpful, with the relevant authority giving the go ahead to discharge the water into a culvert located approximately 300 metres away.

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Sykes expands super silenced range with new high performance pump

We are delighted to introduce the new HP150 super silenced jetting pump which has been added to our hire fleet with immediate effect.

Following months of market research, Sykes Pumps has pledged a significant investment in our latest units which satisfy an increasingly common customer requirement and fill a gap that previously existed in our expansive range.

These high-pressure units are perfect for removing build-up or obstructions that have developed in specialist applications including sewer lines, drains and washing plants.

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Long-term pump hire assists Ebbsfleet Garden City scheme

One of the UK’s most high-profile residential and commercial developments is making good progress, with the entire project scheduled to be completed by 2035. Located almost precisely at the point London meets Kent, Ebbsfleet has already undergone a significant transition prior to the planned construction of another 15,000 homes.

The entire development spans hundreds of acres, with an area historically known as the Eastern Quarry currently the subject of focus from leading contractors. This location has already seen considerable changes following the creation and naming of the Whitecliffe village, but the presence of a large lagoon has hampered extensive infrastructural advancements.

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Burst water main at Piccadilly Circus prompts emergency response from Sykes Pumps

When a well-known water contractor required an urgent pumping solution following a problem in London’s West End, a local engineer was sent to site immediately. A key water main had burst at Piccadilly Circus during the middle of the night and there were tangible concerns that the significant outflow of water could interfere with the area’s electricity supply. Additionally, the location of the incident meant that an instant reaction would be essential in order to prevent disruption at the Underground station.

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Sykes provides pump hire solutions as key sectors battle through lockdown

While the lockdown imposed by the government has been essential to tackling the COVID-19 epidemic, for many people, businesses and services, it has not quite been as simple as just staying indoors. The healthcare sector has rightly been praised for its resoluteness in recent weeks and is one of many industries that has had no option but to carry on during these unparalleled times.

Key workers are defined as people whose jobs are vital to public health and safety, with the Government ensuring that they are able to carry out their responsibilities with as little restriction as possible. These include utility and construction workers, as well as those providing key public services like transport and national security. read more

Heaviest rainfall since 1996 necessitates Khansaheb Sykes’ help in UAE

Heavy downpours across the United Arab Emirates have brought much of the country to a standstill, breaking a 24-year record for rainfall in the region. The impact has been so severe that the Ministry of Infrastructure Development has allocated 20 task forces to monitor the situation, with people fearing for their businesses and livelihoods.

A spokesman for the federal authority explained: “The teams have been assigned to deal with three main tasks, which include the drainage of waterlogged roads, removing mud and heavy debris, as well as repairing roads that may have been damaged by the rain.”

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