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Draining the obstacles: Sykes Pumps clears the way following underpass flood

Following a period of heavy rainfall, Network Rail requested our intervention after a site in Cumbria became inaccessible due to a build-up of water.

Flooding beneath a railway bridge was preventing the passing of road traffic, prompting the installation of a temporary pumping solution.

Our client reported that this was a recurring issue and requested that a 4″ super silent pump and 1,000-litre fuel tank be delivered to the location as quickly as possible.

It was decided that the rainwater would be pumped into a beck approximately 140 metres away from the scene of the flooding, with a significant amount of pipework needed to complete the application.

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Rapid Response pump: leading the industry, then and now

It’s been almost six years since we first launched our revered Rapid Response pump – and it’s still as popular as ever among our customers.

Simple in both its design and concept, the unit’s primary advantage is the fact that it can legally be towed by small vans and medium-sized vehicles in the event of an emergency.

There is no need for a dedicated delivery lorry, no need for an expert engineer to oversee installation, and no need for any specialist training.

Although small in size, our Rapid Response model can pump up to 130,000 litres of water for every hour of operation, with a self-priming feature allowing it to be up and running within seconds of arriving on site.

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Groundwater remedy keeps residential development on track

As the country’s leading provider of temporary pump hire solutions, it’s fair to say we’re very well acquainted with dewatering applications and everything they entail. Dewatering is a blanket term that refers to the removal of groundwater or surface water from an excavation site, and there are various techniques that might be adopted in order to achieve this.

The safe removal of excess water is an integral part of any construction scheme because it reduces the chances of foundations becoming unstable, or of hazardous mudslides impeding a project. Before any work is undertaken, it is essential that a dewatering strategy is factored into the schedule to ensure that all deadlines are adhered to.

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Sykes’ dewatering expertise opens the door to residential development in Somerset

Before work could commence on the proposed construction of 110 new homes in Sedgemoor, it was essential that a lake on the designated land was drained to facilitate the next steps.

Although the lake itself was reasonably small in size, our customer was looking to permanently remove contained water from the excavation area as quickly as possible so that the soil was stable and more conducive to permitting the building work that was to follow.

Having surveyed the area to ensure they arrived at the correct solution, our regional expert recommended the hire of a single 8″ Super Wispaset 200 Ecotec to conduct the required task. This product was purposefully selected because of its incredible fuel economy and quiet operation, with the latter factor being a key consideration due to the presence of existing residential properties just a few yards away.

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Multi-pump solution aids repair works at sewage treatment facility

All wastewater treatment plants require regular maintenance visits to ensure machinery and equipment continues to function properly, and in accordance with environmental legislation. On such specialist applications, it is important that assessments are carried out by experienced engineers who can identify common faults and propose no-nonsense solutions in the event that something goes wrong.

Only last week, Sykes Pumps was contacted by a company that specialises in providing inspection services and maintenance projects across a range of industries. In this instance, our customer was looking for a pump hire solution that could assist their own client following the need to conduct repairs on a critical sewage treatment chamber.

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Surface water removal kick-starts building work on residential development

In April this year, permission was granted for more than 100 homes to be built in the Cheshire area following approval of the preliminary development designs. The local council has now given the green light for work on the project to commence, with the contract awarded to a northern-based civil engineering company that has previously worked with Sykes Pumps.

Our client was concerned about groundwater but first needed to tackle the presence of surface water that had accumulated on some parts of the site. Before any excavation work could begin, it was essential that the nuisance water was removed and diverted into a natural watercourse located nearby.

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Infrastructural development reliant upon bespoke dewatering solution

The construction of a new industrial estate along the Kent coast was causing the main contractor – a leading civil engineering company – a number of issues. Properties were being built just a few yards away from the shoreline, bringing with it the challenge of contending with a very high water table.

Our client was operating to a strict deadline but losing valuable working time at the beginning of each day. This was caused by a need to pump out nuisance water that was forming overnight, preventing builders from continuing where they had left off the previous day.

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Building contractor enlists the help of Sykes Pumps on renovation contract

In recent months especially, Sykes Pumps has worked closely with some of the country’s largest utility companies to help upgrade various parts of their infrastructure. Our expertise in this field is well-known, with clients often citing our excellent range of equipment as one of the key reasons they seek our assistance.

Earlier this month, we were contacted by a national construction company responsible for replacing a length of pipeline for South East Water. As a major account customer, our contact was extremely familiar with our pump hire fleet which enabled them to request a particular model without there being a need for a site survey.

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Sykes installs over-pump arrangement to facilitate vital repair works

Sykes’ pump hire experts were recently called into action after a building contractor got in touch looking for a solution to assist them with a culvert repair. Our client specifically required us to over-pump a subsidiary of the River Rother in West Sussex, so that water could bypass the section needing attention.

The customer was tasked with reinforcing an ageing culvert wall, with engineers working on site around the clock to ensure this was carried out as quickly as possible. Because of this, any pump proposed by our regional technician would have to be capable of silent functionality due to the fact it was situated near houses and expected to be running 24 hours a day.

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Sykes conducts pipe flushing for new biomass heating system

The Government’s lauded Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has prompted many businesses to switch to more sustainable heat sources, with biomass allowing up to 90% of combusted fuel to be converted into useable heat. Effectively, fuel is fed into a boiler and burnt at high temperatures to product thermal energy, before being transferred to a heat exchanger which then provides heat for whichever process is required.

A growing demand for renewable energy has led to biomass systems being installed with much greater frequency than has previously been the case. Last month, Sykes Pumps was approached by a prominent energy solutions company ahead of them commissioning a new biomass plant in West Sussex.

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