pump hire for dewatering

Infrastructural development reliant upon bespoke dewatering solution

The construction of a new industrial estate along the Kent coast was causing the main contractor – a leading civil engineering company – a number of issues. Properties were being built just a few yards away from the shoreline, bringing with it the challenge of contending with a very high water table.

Our client was operating to a strict deadline but losing valuable working time at the beginning of each day. This was caused by a need to pump out nuisance water that was forming overnight, preventing builders from continuing where they had left off the previous day.

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Ongoing Hinkley Point C project requires Sykes dewatering solution

The sheer scale of Hinkley Point presents its fair share of challenges, necessitating that the experts at Sykes Pumps oversee the site’s far-reaching dewatering requirements.

One of the difficulties of managing a site of this size and scope, particularly given its coastal location, and proximity to natural water courses, is taking rainfall and tidal surges into consideration. To help achieve this, the lead contractor has divided the vast site into six water managements zones (WMZ) and enlisted the help of Sykes Pumps, to provide the varied pumping solutions required.

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