pump accessories

Introducing our 30kW Variable Speed Drive (VSD) control panels

We are excited to announce the launch of our new 30kW Variable Speed Drive (VSD) control panel series. This innovative product incorporates groundbreaking advances in solid-state drive technology, processor capabilities and interactive interfaces.

What this signifies for our business is a major leap forward in design flexibility, energy efficiency and manufacturing scale to meet fast-growing customer demand for smarter motor solutions with enhanced control philosophies.

The built-in self-tuning algorithms, real-time performance optimisation, and newly added connectivity features provide our customers unprecedented levels of customised control, reliability, and actionable insights.

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Turning waste into value: Helping our customer boost efficiency

We recently began an exciting new partnership with a leading UK water company on a waste management project. When they built five new anaerobic digester tanks to process food waste at one of their facilities, they called on us to help optimise the tank drainage system.

After an on-site survey, our team recommended installing three of our GP150 super silent pumps to rapidly empty the tanks on demand. The pumps’ flooded suction discharge design prevents clogging while providing reliable, quiet operation. With two duty pumps and one standby unit connected to the tanks’ 6” outflow flanges, we implemented a robust pumping solution to keep operations flowing smoothly.

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Everything you need to know about accessories when hiring pumps

Sykes Pumps offers an extensive range of pumps for hire from its locations all around the UK. In addition to the pumps available for hire, it is important that they are supported by a comprehensive fleet of ancillaries to provide a genuine pumping solution capability across a wide range of applications.

Accessories should not be taken for granted as the quality and capability of the range are critical for effective solutions to support pumping applications. Some of the key accessories that we offer are highlighted below, providing safe, environmentally conscious solutions for customers in any scenario.

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