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Andrews further extend range of high performance air conditioning units

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we are committed to satisfying customer demand and introducing new products that ensure our clients are covered in any eventuality. This pledge has seen us invest further in our popular HPAC range and enabled us to bring a third unit to market – the HPAC30.

The HPAC90 and HPAC45 models have proven extremely well-liked among our clients, with their success a significant factor in us now adding a smaller version to our high-performance range.

Specifically designed for industrial processes, warehouses, factories temporary structures, data centres and even TV & film sets, the HPAC30 – and indeed the whole series – provides customers with a reliable solution to any excessive temperatures that threaten the operationality of your business.

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Bangladeshi inventors use simple trick to reduce temperature

Summer temperatures in Bangladesh generally range between 30°C and 40°C, making it one of the warmest countries in the northern hemisphere. And due to the unpredictable climate which has frequently resulted in disastrous flooding, the vast majority of people have built their houses out of tin, rather than mud.

While this measure ensures that residential structures are more able to withstand the effects of torrential downpours, they are however extremely badly equipped for dealing with the unbearable heat.

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