manufacturing ventilation

Our latest HS2 Viaduct ventilation project

The deafening sound of jackhammers and welding torches echo through the dimly lit tunnel below the Colne Valley Viaduct, which stretches for approximately two miles between Hillingdon and the M25. Sparks fly as construction crews work tirelessly on the generational HS2 project that will soon connect London to Birmingham.

Our team has been brought in for a critical mission – to provide proper ventilation that will keep hundreds of site workers breathing easy. Four of our high-capacity FV1800 units were rushed to the site on Monday, with their adjustable airflows and amperage rendering them perfect for this particular purpose.

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Manufacturing plant maintains output thanks to ventilation hire

Earlier this month, a stricken client reported that their industrial facility’s plant room was constantly overheating, causing all four compressor packs on site to go offline and completely halt production.

The customer – a major account at Andrews Sykes – contacted us for advice shortly after, in the expectation that a solution could be offered quickly. In just two hours, our regional expert calculated the plant room’s required air changes, recommended the appropriate equipment and arranged for its delivery upon receipt of a purchase order.

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