Need marquee heating? Leave it to us!

At this time of year especially, when the nights are drawing in, it is becoming more and more common for heaters to be used to warm marquee interiors. Whether our clients are hosting a wedding, charity ball, conference or one-off party, there has been a growing demand for a dependable heat source due to the dramatic drop in temperature when night falls.

However, despite a noticeable spike in enquiries for marquee heating, there are undoubtedly still some misconceptions surrounding the viability of this process. Some people wrongly believe that such a project may be too complicated – when in reality, it’s extremely simple. On other occasions, the wrong type of unit has been utilised which could have potential safety ramifications.

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Sykes Pumps called into action following thunderstorms across southern England

Flash floods have caused chaos across Greater London, Kent and Essex on EU referendum day following heavy and prolonged rainfall overnight. The effects of the water have left at least two polling stations closed, while cars and properties have also become submerged after freak June weather struck in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The London Fire Brigade have already rescued more than 500 people, and that number is expected to rise further with local forecasters predicting more thundery downpours over the coming days.

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Emergency chiller hire keeps vital healthcare amenities online

In hospitals and other healthcare environments, it is absolutely critical that medical equipment is kept at the correct temperature to ensure it remains functional and fit for purpose. When cooling equipment fails, it can have devastating repercussions for operational efficiency and delay patients awaiting much-needed treatment.

One of Kent’s largest hospitals was recently under pressure to source alternative air conditioning when their site chiller broke down without warning. This unforeseen scenario left the facility at risk of being unable to offer the required levels of care to hundreds of patients, meaning an urgent chiller hire solution was needed immediately.

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Andrews Boilers ensure Medway-based primary school opens on time

The 2012 Education Regulations stipulate that all school buildings are subject to strict standards set out to protect both pupils and staff. Whilst there is no prescribed maximum temperature, health and safety measures outline that classrooms and indoor facilities must be at least 16°C at all times. So when a newly-constructed school in Kent was in danger of failing to meet this guideline, immediate action was taken by the chief contractor.

The school was being built as part of a wider housing development but was delayed due to difficulties with sourcing a reliable gas supply. Without it, a heating system could not be commissioned which in turn would cause an indefinite postponement to the opening of a vital educational institution.

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Sykes Pumps assist major weir reconstruction

When the brickwork of a weir in Kent was scrutinised by local health and safety authorities, the Environment Agency ordered the renovation of existing foundations so that they complied with modern standards. The barrier in question is located on the River Medway and fulfills a number of vital functions including regulating the flow of water – ultimately helping to reduce the risk of floods.

The need for construction reinforcements therefore meant that a dam had to be created in order to protect the local environment; and without affecting the efficiency of a nearby sewage treatment works.

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