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Product of the Month – March

HP100 Super Silenced Jetting Pump

March is here, and we’re excited to announce the HP100 Super Silenced Jetting Pump as our featured product this month. But why? Well, we’ve received a lot of enquiries for this particular pump in recent days – including from clients in the power generation industry.

The HP100 Super Silenced is a low-noise high-performance pump designed for a range of environments where quiet operation is essential.

It is typically deployed in jetting, dust suppression and temporary fire pump applications but it is not limited to this! Previous customers have hired when their own standard pump pressure is inadequate, as our HP100 delivers heads of up to 98 metres and maximum flows of 44 litres per second!

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Sykes conducts pipe flushing for new biomass heating system

The Government’s lauded Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has prompted many businesses to switch to more sustainable heat sources, with biomass allowing up to 90% of combusted fuel to be converted into useable heat. Effectively, fuel is fed into a boiler and burnt at high temperatures to product thermal energy, before being transferred to a heat exchanger which then provides heat for whichever process is required.

A growing demand for renewable energy has led to biomass systems being installed with much greater frequency than has previously been the case. Last month, Sykes Pumps was approached by a prominent energy solutions company ahead of them commissioning a new biomass plant in West Sussex.

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