Humidification sector – Data Centres

Urgent humidifier hire protects data centre for airline company

A build-up of static electricity within server rooms and IT suites can be disastrous if not addressed, causing sensitive hardware to malfunction. For this reason, it was imperative that a temporary humidifier hire solution could be supplied to a customer complaining about conditions within a data centre for which they were responsible.

Our client – an international facilities services provider – was concerned about the effects low relative humidity was having on a leading aerospace company’s data centre. Guidelines recommend that RH should be maintained between 40-60% in order to protect electrical components and ensure the continued operation of all equipment.

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Tailored humidifier hire protects data centre operator

Like any environment where electronic hardware is present, data centres, server rooms and IT facilities are extremely susceptible to the build-up of static discharge. Current guidelines recommend that data centres have a humidity level 60% relative humidity, with an allowable range of between 20-80% RH. This means that at certain points of the year, almost every data centre will need the use of a humidification system to instil these internal conditions.

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