Humidification for broadcasting

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On a boiling hot day, there’s nothing quite like having the luxury of turning to your air conditioning system safely in the knowledge that cooling relief is just seconds away. In most surroundings, you won’t need to pay too much attention to the slight reduction in relative humidity that comes as a by-product of moisture being removed from the air.

However, there are times when steps must be taken to ensure that RH does not fall below 50%. In a broadcasting environment, for example, a lack of moisture content in the air can lead to the build-up of static electricity on cameras, monitors and other hardware. In fact, failure to monitor these conditions properly can even affect the signal strength of a radio wave, which will likely cause disruption to a transmission.

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TV broadcaster seeks humidifier hire to remove static electricity

The build-up of static electricity within a TV or radio broadcasting studio is both undesirable and avoidable, with a range of implications for both people and equipment inside. Humidification is a very simple and effective way of eliminating the presence of static electricity, as moisture in the air increases conductivity which allows it to absorb and evenly distribute any excess charges.

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