Hottest day of the year

Heatwave could impact on Britain’s elderly, experts warn

The Met Office have declared a level 2 heat-health alert across the South of England, after weather forecasters predicted temperatures could exceed 34°C over the coming days.

A sudden climatic upturn has been caused by hot air making its way over from the Sahara desert, with vulnerable people now at risk because of the warmer weather.

Public Health for England is urging British citizens to look out for elderly relatives and those who may be sensitive to higher temperatures – including young children and the infirm.

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Hottest day of the year imminent as July temperatures finally soar

Following weeks of dreary weather – which saw last month statistically confirmed as the eleventh wettest June since records began – the UK is now finally set for some serious heat!

The Met Office has predicted that temperatures over the coming days will not fall below the mid-20s, with Tuesday expected to be the year’s warmest up till now.

Peter Sloss of BBC Weather, told us: “Our weather so far in July has seen temperatures into the low 20s, which is close to normal. This is because our air has been coming from the Atlantic.

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