Heating Sector – Warehouses & Stores

Kitchen furniture manufacturer requires temporary heating solution

When a renowned kitchen furniture manufacturer required temporary heating to keep staff warm, Andrews Heat for Hire was contacted and asked to provide a solution.

The client had used our services previously and was confident in our ability to install a temporary heater hire arrangement befitting of their application. In years gone by, the customer has requested that we use gas heating units, but a different solution was sought on this occasion. Our client had recently completed renovation work within their premises which included improving the insulation of the walls and roof.

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Andrews Heater hire provides bespoke heating solution for storage warehouse

Andrews Heat for Hire was recently drafted in to provide temporary heating for a big brand storage company, after temperatures in their warehouse dropped below 8°C in the winter months. This created an uncomfortable working environment for employees and so something needed to be done immediately.

The client in question was looking to heat a two-storey warehouse which was used to store high-quality big-name products prior to their distribution.  An Andrews technician visited site and was able to propose a suitable solution based on the application’s unique specifications.

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Andrews provide heating hire solution for one of the UK’s best-known bakers

Andrews Heat for Hire recently responded to an emergency call from one of the UK’s best-known bakers. The company sought to raise temperatures inside a temporary warehouse to assist with the storage of bread, cakes and muffins, and needed a short-term heater hire to enable this.

As a result of a huge expansion project, the client began building a new distribution centre in to better accommodate their flour products. However, while the new facility was being built they were required to lease a temporary warehouse in Worthing.

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Andrews Heat for Hire assist in heat load test

An internationally recognised self-storage company had plans of moving into their newly built four-storey office block and warehouse in South London, but before this could happen they were required to complete a thermographic inspection.

By using this strategy the client has the opportunity to identify any defective thermal insulation or heat links in advance. Once the issues have been highlighted they can then be used to improve the efficiency of the building’s heating and air conditioning.

Our team of specialists were called in to provide the buildings with some temporary hired heating that had sufficient capacity to raise the temperature of the entire space. Having assessed the particular area and needs of our client, we recommended the deployment of a high capacity FH4000 indirect oil-fired rental heater, which was positioned directly outside of the warehouse.

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Andrews dry concrete flooring at tarmac company warehouse

Before concrete can be laid during the winter period, a series of precautions must be taken to ensure the composition sets correctly. When outdoor temperatures are low, concrete naturally sets more slowly and can even stop completely if it gets colder than 5°C. In some cases contractors will alter the mixture constituents, but this may not always be feasible if the weather fluctuates too unpredictably.

A large building materials company encountered this precise scenario at one of their sites in Derbyshire, prompting them to source a temporary heater hire package that could assist their drying process. Our client was looking to lay concrete on the second floor of a large equipment store located at a quarry in Buxton, but adverse conditions led to concerns that this would freeze once poured.

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Northumberland production set seeks emergency heating

Before a UK-based commercial television network could begin filming a brand new drama series in the North East, a temporary heating system was required on set to keep actors and camera crew warm.

All scenes were shot within a modified warehouse, so high capacity units were required to adequately warm the entire area. The customer had actually hired equipment from us on a previous occasion and was looking to get hold of the same heaters they had used before.

Within hours of contact, two IDRG30 radiant indirect fired gas models had been installed on the premises. This product is frequently deployed in a warehouse environment because of its aptness for spaces with limited ventilation. The IDRG30 is capable of warming areas up to 628m³ in size and delivers large volumes of safe, fume-free heat.

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Andrews Heat for Hire help store prepare for Christmas!

During the 7 weeks running up to Christmas a renowned supermarket has converted their chilled grocery distribution centre in Birmingham into a storage area for Poinsettia’s. These seasonal plants need to be stored at temperatures of between 6°C and 7°C to ensure that they are in perfect condition when they arrive at the store. Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted by the customer to provide expertise and equipment to overcome the temporary heating requirements.

A local Andrews Sykes site engineer undertook a free site survey of the storage area and implemented an effective plan of action. The engineer recommended the supply and installation of two Andrews Aurora FH4000’s indirect fired high capacity heaters. The heat was ducted into the centre via six lengths of heavy duty ducting, each of 600mm in diameter and 8 metres long. The oil fired heaters were supplied with heavy duty fuel tanks of 3000 litre capacity to ensure continuous, trouble free, unattended operation 24 hours per day. The Andrews Heat for Hire team acted quickly and efficiently to ensure that the storage was kept at the required temperature so that the Poinsettias arrived in first condition in time for the peak Christmas shopping period.

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Andrews Heat for Hire heats warehouse from a height

A production company recently moved into an old manufacturing warehouse in Scotland. The warehouse had been unoccupied for a number of years, yet areas have now been transformed into film sets, a staff canteen and a range of production areas. Several of these areas needed temporary heating. An Andrews Heat for Hire engineer discussed the client’s heating requirements and concluded that an Aurora FH4000 would be the perfect answer to their heating problem. This heater has a range of ducting outlets, is portable and can even be stacked if necessary.

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