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Heater hire warms cast of much-loved British drama series

At Andrews, we are well-known for providing the TV and film sector with temporary climate control solutions that discreetly enhance the conditions of a set or studio from the minute they are installed. While outdoor locations and large open areas generally present the biggest challenges, our industry expertise is such that we guarantee to always tailor a hire package that suits you.

At the start of the new year, a London-based production company contacted us regarding a potential heating arrangement for a converted film set in Yorkshire. Our client was actually put in touch with us by a different production house after being impressed with the equipment we had provided them on a separate project.

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Andrews Heat for Hire drafted in to heat a film set for well-known production company

As a company, we pride ourselves on having the ability to accommodate the demands of our customers – no matter what they might be. So, when a well-known production company required temporary heating at short notice, our experts were drafted in to provide a suitable heater hire solution.

Our customer needed to heat a large warehouse – previously an old bottling plant – which they had been using as a film set for a new movie. As a result, the client required short-term heating to maintain a desirable temperate on set.

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Production company seek emergency heating solution

When the TV sets for one of Britain’s most famous TV dramas encountered heating issues, Andrews were drafted in to provide a heater hire solution for their film studio.

After receiving various weather related complaints from staff following filming of the last series, Mammoth Screen production required temporary heating to be distributed throughout the set during filming times.

Our experts surveyed the project, proposing a heater hire package for the TV programme that would fulfil the needs of our major client. Several FH 2000 indirect fired oil heaters were recommended, due to their ability to deliver high volumes of warm air as well as their affordable running cost.

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Northumberland production set seeks emergency heating

Before a UK-based commercial television network could begin filming a brand new drama series in the North East, a temporary heating system was required on set to keep actors and camera crew warm.

All scenes were shot within a modified warehouse, so high capacity units were required to adequately warm the entire area. The customer had actually hired equipment from us on a previous occasion and was looking to get hold of the same heaters they had used before.

Within hours of contact, two IDRG30 radiant indirect fired gas models had been installed on the premises. This product is frequently deployed in a warehouse environment because of its aptness for spaces with limited ventilation. The IDRG30 is capable of warming areas up to 628m³ in size and delivers large volumes of safe, fume-free heat.

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