Heating Sector – Local Authorities & Education

Heater hire provides fresh air and heating to Kent school’s temporary structures

Although the second wave of lockdown restrictions has seen businesses from many industries forced to close, schools, colleges and universities have had to develop and implement various social distancing solutions to ensure they are operating as safely as possible.

Because of this, Andrews Heat for Hire has observed a sharp spike in enquiries as education providers strive to keep newly introduced overflow facilities warm and as COVID-secure as possible.

Given the current climate, our client was delighted that we could offer a heater hire package that not only increases temperatures but also constantly reintroduces fresh, clean air from outside.

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Andrews Heat for Hire help to keep school open

Severe weather conditions can create significant problems for schools, closing a school, even for just a day, interrupts education and can have serious implications for parents and students alike. Therefore when a school in Bristol called Andrews Sykes for assistance after their boiler room had flooded, we acted immediately.

Within 4 hours we had delivered and installed a number of DE25 2.8 kW Electric Fan Heaters, placing two in each classroom where they were able to heat the classroom with ease.  The DE 25 is a very efficient electric fan heater, it’s available with a built in thermostat for fully automatic and is suitable for virtually any location.

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Andrews Heat for Hire aid construction of new London school

Low ambient temperatures during the finishing stages of a building can cause problems for a contractor, while frost can damage delicate materials and a slow drying process may delay an overall project. Raising the temperature too quickly can also cause surface cracking as the materials shrink, meaning conditions must be closely controlled to prevent complications arising.

The fit-out phase of a new school in London therefore required external assistance during the winter period, with Andrews Heat for Hire drafted in to provide the necessary equipment. A local expert then visited the site to gain a better understanding of the application in question, before proposing a heater hire package that would fulfil the needs of a major client.

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Andrews accelerate screed drying process for student accommodation

Before a floor surface can be applied to a newly developed building, it is common practice that screed is laid onto a concrete base. Typically made up of one part cement and three parts sand, this delicate composition must be dried thoroughly before proceeding to the next stage of a floor laying process.

In order for this to happen at a recently constructed student complex, Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted and asked to provide equipment to raise temperatures on site. If not set correctly, the screed is likely to crack or become uneven and thus affect the floor arrangement above it.

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A University Challenge for Andrews Boiler Hire

During the summer break at a major UK University it was decided that maintenance work needed to be carried out in preparation for the return of new students in September. Work was commenced on the main heating pipework that also provides hot water for residents. The first challenge was to make sure that there was minimum disruption to the remaining residents on the campus and that their supply of heating and hot water was maintained. Andrews Boiler Hire was called to provide a temporary heating solution for the remaining residents. Our professional engineers installed two 500kW boilers and one fuel tank that provided a fast and efficient solution to the building that required heating and hot water. These packaged boilers are housed in sturdy, vandal proof containers that are thermally insulated, safe and efficient.

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