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Distinguished London hospital seeks heater hire for COVID testing and vaccination centres

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Andrews has worked alongside the NHS on a national scale to provide a range of essential HVAC services. Initially tasked with supplying comfort cooling in hospitals, improving ventilation in sealed areas and connecting boilers for temporary heating and showering facilities, our input is now required to help assist the next stage of recovery.

One of the capital’s largest and most well-known hospitals contacted us in early December and asked us to propose a short-term heating configuration that would maintain a comfortable temperature inside two temporary structures.

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Vaccination HQ at Ashton Gate stadium now operational thanks to Andrews

The rollout of an approved COVID-19 vaccine which is now available for distribution throughout the UK  marks a decisive turning point in the fight against a pandemic that has shackled the world for most of 2020.

Since early December, dozens of hospitals dotted around the country have been administering the groundbreaking jab that has seen Britain lead the way on a global effort to protect people.

Healthcare services are working flat out to ensure vaccine hubs stock sufficient dosages, with the armed forces also enlisted to assist with transportation and site management.

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Andrews Heat for Hire provides emergency heating solution for Kent contractor

A building contractor company based on the Kent coast, recently battled cold damp weather while working on a new building project in the area. This caused difficulties during the dying process and was preventing paint form drying and flooring being laid.

The client in question specialises in the nursing and associated care sectors. This particular project focuses on building a care home in Hampshire, which was famously a fishing village many centuries ago. The development is on such a scale that it could potentially impact on the people living nearby, rendering it critical that each phase was correctly overseen.

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Leeds hospital seek emergency heater hire for estates department

When a boiler loses effectiveness, a rapid response to the issue will ensure your building remains operational. So when a hospitals estates department had a boiler failure, they put in an urgent call to one of our specialists.

Due to the age of the boiler, our client was expecting to wait up to 4 weeks before obtaining a part vital to the repair of the boiler. The swift intervention of Andrews Heat for Hire was therefore essential.

Our solution was to propose a heater hire package consisting of two ID65 indirect fired heaters, positioning them alongside the hospital building and ducting the warm air in through windows over three floors.

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Care home washrooms made safe with the help of Andrews heater hire

Having worked with care homes for many years – providing short-term heating for bedrooms and communal areas – we have developed long-standing relationships with clients in this field. So when a care home in Scotland contacted us in search of a heater hire solution, we reacted quickly to satisfy their requirements.

Our client required temporary heating to counteract low indoor temperatures, when trying to lay slip resistant vinyl flooring in their wet-rooms.

It was decided that two FH111 indirect oil fired heaters would be stationed outside the building, with hot air ducted in through external doors. The hire package was required to be in constant use, keeping room temperatures at 15°C 24 hours a day, in order to seal the flooring.

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Andrews Heat for Hire provide hospital with replacement heating

In the healthcare sector especially, the presence of effective climate control is a fundamental provision for the wellbeing of sick and vulnerable patients. A failure to maintain a continuous heating supply during the winter months can drastically affect the condition of ill people, which is why we react quickly to assist clients in the industry.

So when a hospital in Greater London sought temporary units while its existing heating system was being replaced, we delivered an alternative hire package within four hours of enquiry. This comprised of five oil filled radiators, which were carefully deployed around a large ward – keeping it warm for the duration of the upgrade.

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NHS hospital seeks additional heating during cold snap

Having worked within the healthcare sector for decades, we have developed numerous long-standing relationships with clients in this field. So when one of them – a hospital in Somerset – contacted us in search of some temporary heating units, we reacted quickly to satisfy their requirements.

Although an existing climate control system was already in place, it did not sufficiently warm patients and visitors when seasonal temperatures dropped. We were therefore tasked with providing a supplementary heating arrangement to work alongside what was already present.

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NHS stem cell laboratory requires temporary heating

In the healthcare sector especially, efficient climate control is absolutely imperative for sensitive environments. Clinical facilities and similar applications need temperatures to be scrupulously regulated for the benefit of patients or even microbiological processes.

During the winter, we were contacted by a client who sought a short-term heating hire solution due to their existing system operating below full capacity. The medical centre, based in Birmingham, approached us regarding a solution and specified that any equipment proposed could not be invasive or noisy.

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Heating supply for a hospital X-ray room

Different scenarios take place in the rooms within a hospital. Public buildings must ensure all visitors receive comfortable care, this being the hospitals duty. Andrews Heat For Hire comprehend the different actions that take place, this is why we will always offer expert advice and a precise solution.

A District General Hospital had a problem within their X-ray department whereby their heating had failed. They still needed to provide their patients with heat whilst they waited and were being X-rayed. Our solution was to provide two DE 25 2.8kW electric heaters, one being for the waiting area and one for the X-ray room itself. The DE 25 is a very efficient electric fan heater. It’s available with a built in thermostat for fully automatic use and is suitable for virtually any location.

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