Heating Sector – Garages & Workshops

Andrews Heat for Hire responds to aircraft maintenance service

Andrews Heat for Hire was contacted by a leading aircraft maintenance company seeking an emergency heating arrangement that could be delivered to their hangar and installed as quickly as possible.

The client suffered a complete breakdown of their own heating system, which was in the process of being completely overhauled. Dozens of employees work in the hangar on a day-to-day basis and help oversee various operations relating to the aviation industry, which is why the necessity of a quick response was impressed upon us at first contact.

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Andrews Heat for Hire unveil new high capacity direct-fired unit

Andrews Heat for Hire are excited to introduce a modern, high capacity direct-fired oil heater – the Tornado. Designed specifically for use in well-ventilated applications, this particular product is perfect for construction sites, warehouse loading bays, garages and factories. Once operational, the Tornado can produce huge airflows of up to 2,500m³/h, providing users with a reliable and continuous supply of safe, hot air.

With a nominal heating duty of 69kW, the unit is perfect for deployment in large open spaces and capable of continuous operation for up to 12 hours. Our Tornado offers clients an extremely cost-effective solution to many specialised heating requirements and can be fuelled by either gas oil or kerosene.

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Andrews dry concrete flooring at tarmac company warehouse

Before concrete can be laid during the winter period, a series of precautions must be taken to ensure the composition sets correctly. When outdoor temperatures are low, concrete naturally sets more slowly and can even stop completely if it gets colder than 5°C. In some cases contractors will alter the mixture constituents, but this may not always be feasible if the weather fluctuates too unpredictably.

A large building materials company encountered this precise scenario at one of their sites in Derbyshire, prompting them to source a temporary heater hire package that could assist their drying process. Our client was looking to lay concrete on the second floor of a large equipment store located at a quarry in Buxton, but adverse conditions led to concerns that this would freeze once poured.

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Andrews provide heating for London bus garages

The winter months present a number of challenges to businesses during this period, particularly in terms of keeping large open spaces warm. Bus depots regularly contact us seeking temporary heating solutions but because these are generally exposed to the elements, retaining heat inside the premises can prove difficult.

In response to the issue, we provided a large number of direct-fired diesel heaters to be deployed in garages across the capital. These robust yet portable units were specifically selected because of their ability to generate large volumes of warm air – an imperative requirement of projects such as these.

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London transport operator seeks workshop heating

Vehicle repair facilities and comparable environments must remain functional all year round, so when a change in temperature compromises this requirement, an immediate solution is necessary. With winter approaching, one of our customers – a transport franchise servicing London and the surrounding counties – contacted us with a view to providing some hired heating units.

The client was keen to keep conditions comfortable for members of staff and ensure that productivity would be upheld during a difficult period of the year. A member of our contact centre was able to recommend a suitable response which negated the need for a site survey.

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Emergency heaters for the emergency services

Andrews emergency heater hire service has recently assisted another emergency service, when a vital vehicle maintenance workshop needed some heaters at short notice Andrews heat for hire were there to deliver a heating solution quickly and efficiently.

The Cardiff based facility, which maintains vehicle for the Ambulance service in South Wales, contacted our Pontypridd depot who then arranged for one of our expert staff to carry out a free site survey. Soon after three Andrews portable heaters were delivered to the site, to ensure that workshop was kept at comfortable conditions and help the mechanics to provide the emergency service with a quick turnaround for their vehicles.

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