Heating Sector – Events & Exhibitions

Andrews Heat for Hire keep busy theatre schedule on track

When a large theatre in Essex began to succumb to falling seasonal temperatures, an immediate solution was sought to keep performers and guests warm. We received an out-of-hours enquiry one evening, and had delivered and installed equipment prior opening at 9am the following day.

As an existing customer, our local specialist was able to propose a hire package which had proved successful on a previous occasion. In total, seven DE25 electric fan heaters were positioned around the main auditorium and ensured that a hectic programme was seamlessly adhered to.

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Event company seek seasonal heating

Before a derelict London warehouse could be converted into an unusual nightclub venue, a reliable heating system was required to ensure it would be sufficiently warm inside. An events company had decided to create a themed drinking nightspot, which was to include a mini-golf course complete with bars and other amenities.

It was therefore essential that a practical climate control system was installed prior to opening to the public, and Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted to oversee its implementation.

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Major car event heated by Andrews

A multi-national automotive company required the assistance of Andrews Heat For Hire in order to hold a car demo in Greater Manchester. The building utilised to host the event had no heating whatsoever, and was expecting to welcome 500 guests a day across a week-long period.

Having seen one of our chiller units at the venue – for a previous event – the client contacted us seeking a solution. An Andrews Sykes technician recommended two Aurora FH4000 heaters and one FH2000 heater, in order to attain a comfortable temperature for the customers. We also instructed the warehouse maintenance team how to control the unit so they could adjust the settings as and when they desired.

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Event heating in London for indoor arena

One of the UK’s largest sports arenas was recently used as the venue for a multi-national media and information organisation’s Christmas party. The event organiser contacted Andrews Heat for Hire regarding the possibility of hiring heaters for the event. The client wanted to keep party guests warm during the evening when temperatures lowered. Our experts worked closely with the client to determine what equipment was needed.

For this event, three Andrews FH4000 indirect fired heaters were recommended to deliver a powerful total heating output of one megawatt. The FH4000 is one of the most efficient heaters in our fleet and is 92% fuel efficient making it extremely environmentally friendly. The FH4000 is a very portable unit that is also stackable for storage, great for events with limited space available. The customer was very satisfied with our efficient timings and by the smooth setting up of equipment, especially as all the guests were kept warm! Andrews Heat for Hire provide heating services for events all over London during the Christmas period so feel free to call 0800 211 611 to discuss your requirements.

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