Heating Sector – Events & Exhibitions

Extreme electric racing seeks Andrews Heat emergency heating

Every year, London is selected as the ideal location for many exciting and innovative events – and 2019 has so far proven to be no different. One of these well-attended events recently took place near London Bridge, where a historic ship hosted an extreme electric car racing event.

The ship, which used to be a Royal Mail vessel servicing British territory, is the first of its kind to be used for this type of occasion. The rationale behind the choice stems from it being perceived as more environmentally friendly than traditional racing.

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Electric heaters for large London event

One of the UK’s largest exhibition centres stands alongside the River Thames in East London and is well-known for hosting major trade shows and other high-profile events. Due to our previous involvement with the venue, Andrews Heat for Hire is regularly asked to assist when events are hosted here.

A temporary external structure outwith the main building was being used to host props, robotics and other sensitive equipment portraying the world’s most famous super heroes, which unsurprisingly attracted a great deal of interest from fans across the country. Andrews was therefore tasked with keeping the attraction warm and dry given that the event ran during the winter months.

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Bespoke heating hire keeps concert goers warm

With temperatures at record lows this winter, Andrews Heat for Hire have been drafted in to heat various events throughout the Christmas period to ensure guests are kept comfortable. So, when a London-based events company was in the process of organising a high-profile event, they contacted our specialists for some temporary heating equipment.

The company in question planned to host their event in an old, draughty printing factory which had been decommissioned over a decade ago, leaving the application with no heating.

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Tailored heating solution provided for major golfing tournament

One of Britain’s top hotels and golf resorts recently sought some emergency heating equipment ahead of one of their most high-profile events, prompting them to approach Andrews Heat for Hire.

The venue has a large permanent golf course which is extremely popular and hosts major championship tournaments all year round. Following a breakdown of the venue’s climate control system, a local Andrews specialist visited the site to conduct an emergency site survey and advise our customer on the best solution.

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Heater hire warms visitors at seasonal food and retail park

As winter approaches, those responsible for organising seasonal events must consider whether a source of temporary heating might be feasible or necessary. A simple heater hire arrangement may seem non-essential, but there is no doubt this is likely to be well-received by your staff and visitors.

Over the last few years, Andrews Heat for Hire has supplied one of the world’s first pop-up shopping and leisure facilities with some equipment to ensure conditions remain inviting for customers even when outdoor temperatures are low. Last month, we were once again contacted by the event’s management team and asked to provide a heating arrangement similar to the one that had worked so successfully on previous occasions.

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Prime Minister Modi kept warm on London visit

When one of the world’s most powerful political leaders arrived to address an exclusive gathering at Wembley, a number of steps were taken to ensure the event ran smoothly. Around 60,000 people packed into the national stadium to witness a celebratory speech from Prime Minister Modi who had made the trip to acknowledge the presence of almost two million British Indians living here in the UK.

With seasonal temperatures beginning to fall in mid-November, event organisers sought a temporary heating solution to operate while Mr. Modi and others were on stage. Logistical factors – the large exposed space and an open roof – meant that a spot heating arrangement would be the best option.

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World-famous London tourist attraction kept operational by Andrews

As one of the country’s most frequently visited tourist spots, the Tower of London’s climate control arrangements face much scrutiny should customers complain about its perceived ineffectiveness. So when a new chiller system was installed on site before seasonal temperatures could dramatically rise, it was of paramount importance that the unit was subjected to a thorough heat load test.

Approximately 80kW of heat was needed to ascertain whether the chiller was ready to be commissioned, meaning some temporary equipment was sourced to facilitate the assessment being carried out.

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Andrews keeps country estate warm in winter

Whether our customers require heating for small marquee gatherings or large indoor events with hundreds of guests, our technicians will help devise the best available hire package to make your function run as smoothly as possible.

So when a newly-wed couple and their families booked one of Yorkshire’s most picturesque and historic country houses, there was an immediate requirement for temporary heating to ensure visitors remained comfortable while celebrating the occasion. An existing system linked to a large lake in the grounds is capable of generating a 5°C uplift all year round. However, as the wedding party hail from warmer climates, additional heating was sought to replicate the environment they are used to overseas.

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Arts and media event seeks venue heating

As one of London’s most vibrant inner city districts, the East End has a rich cultural history spanning almost 500 years since the Tudor period. With art and theatre still deeply ingrained in much of the capital, the area regularly hosts themed events which attract large numbers of visitors from all around the country.

So when one of the region’s most prominent venues required temporary heating for an upcoming function, the organisers contacted Andrews Heat for Hire in search of a solution.

After ascertaining the building’s dimensions and specifications, a member of our contact centre was able to put forward a viable hire package. Comprising of six DE95 electrical fan heaters complete with an assortment of extension leads, the equipment was fully operational on site within minutes of delivery.

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Christmas-inspired adventure park seeks urgent heating equipment

Before officially opening to the public, a new festive experience based in Kent required temporary heating on site to ensure visitors stayed warm during their stay. One of our regional experts was sent to conduct a survey of the premises, before proposing an appropriate hire solution.

Two areas needed climate control – a large marquee and separate themed building – and we sent two high capacity heaters as a result. Within 24 hours, two indirect fired oil models were stationed within the vicinity – underlining our quick response to the initial callout.

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