Heating Sector – Emergency Heating

Telecommunications provider kept online by Andrews Heat for Hire

When a central London office complex was left without heating over the Christmas period following boiler failure, the facilities manager in charge of the building was under pressure to source some replacement equipment. Most companies are closed for business during the festive season, which can make it extremely difficult for plant hire solutions to be sourced and installed when requirements surface. Fortunately for our client, Andrews Heat for Hire remained operational throughout and was on hand to visit the affected site less than two hours after contact was made.

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Andrews accelerate screed drying process for student accommodation

Before a floor surface can be applied to a newly developed building, it is common practice that screed is laid onto a concrete base. Typically made up of one part cement and three parts sand, this delicate composition must be dried thoroughly before proceeding to the next stage of a floor laying process.

In order for this to happen at a recently constructed student complex, Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted and asked to provide equipment to raise temperatures on site. If not set correctly, the screed is likely to crack or become uneven and thus affect the floor arrangement above it.

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Leisure centre in Gloucestershire seeks replacement heating

When a leisure centre in Cheltenham suffered a sudden boiler breakdown, a temporary alternative was required while this was being repaired. The client was expecting a busy weekend, so an immediate hire solution was sought to ensure it could accommodate a large number of visitors.

After ascertaining the application’s size and dimensions via telephone, a member of our contact centre was able to recommend an appropriate heating unit. A single ESH20/40 electric model was subsequently proposed, and this was delivered and installed within hours of the initial enquiry.

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Concert venue in Scotland assisted by Andrews Heat for Hire

When a conference facility in Scotland lost its heating supply at the end of last December, they needed Andrews Heat for Hire to provide a temporary solution. The venue hosted concerts throughout February but required emergency intervention to ensure attendees didn’t get cold.

We provided two FH2000 heaters and one FH111 model in order to match the client’s own system – which produced around 500kW of heat. The main arena has a capacity of 8,500, meaning multiple units were required to adequately warm the area. We also manufactured a set of false doors with appropriately fashioned holes, to allow the ducting to pass through.

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