Heating Sector – Building and Construction

Andrews Heat for Hire aid construction of new London school

Low ambient temperatures during the finishing stages of a building can cause problems for a contractor, while frost can damage delicate materials and a slow drying process may delay an overall project. Raising the temperature too quickly can also cause surface cracking as the materials shrink, meaning conditions must be closely controlled to prevent complications arising.

The fit-out phase of a new school in London therefore required external assistance during the winter period, with Andrews Heat for Hire drafted in to provide the necessary equipment. A local expert then visited the site to gain a better understanding of the application in question, before proposing a heater hire package that would fulfil the needs of a major client.

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Andrews accelerate screed drying process for student accommodation

Before a floor surface can be applied to a newly developed building, it is common practice that screed is laid onto a concrete base. Typically made up of one part cement and three parts sand, this delicate composition must be dried thoroughly before proceeding to the next stage of a floor laying process.

In order for this to happen at a recently constructed student complex, Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted and asked to provide equipment to raise temperatures on site. If not set correctly, the screed is likely to crack or become uneven and thus affect the floor arrangement above it.

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Nuclear storage centre requires heating during construction

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we have a genuine expertise in providing clients from industrial backgrounds with climate control solutions whenever they are sought. Applications within this field are often dangerous and bound by strict security measures which makes it important that the correct equipment is delivered at the first time of asking.

The expansion of a nuclear recycling facility in Liverpool was dependent upon temporary heating equipment, with a temperature increase needed to ensure the completion of various drying, painting and sealing tasks. The presence of uranic materials and nuclear cylinders on site posed a challenge but we were able to recommend a heater hire package which was suitable for the surroundings.

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Andrews Heat for Hire assist floor laying scheme

Before wooden flooring could be laid in a newly-constructed student apartment complex, some temporary heating equipment was required to help keep conditions constant. The building contractor overseeing the development was keen to instil an internal temperature of 18°C which would stop floor panels cracking and assist the drying of plastered walls.

Failure to provide an appropriate solution could have led to the floor arrangement warping out of shape while setting, but a site survey allowed our local expert to propose a suitable heater hire package at the first time of asking.

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Building contractor requires heating for bridge repair

When a major bridge in South West England required heating for a maintenance project, the contractor overseeing the scheme approached us in search of an immediate solution. As part of the programme, the underside of the bridge was to be sprayed with concrete to help reinforce it – generally considered the quickest and most cost-effective technique.

A reliable and constant supply of heating was therefore needed to accelerate drying times and ensure the bridge could be re-opened for use as soon as possible. A local Andrews Sykes specialist reviewed the site and subsequently recommended that our client hire two high capacity FH111 heaters, along with fuel tanks and lengths of ducting.

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Major London building site seeks temporary heating

With several prominent construction projects currently underway in and around Canary Wharf, the contractors involved frequently seek heating and drying equipment to assist certain processes. Falling seasonal temperatures can result in assignments being delayed if not combated quickly, and when this began to look like a possibility for one of our customers, they contacted us in search of some temporary heating.

The client was overseeing a substantial build in one of the Europe’s largest business districts, but could not proceed further until wet concrete had dried completely.

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Andrews Heat for Hire assist care home conversion

A former Ministry of Defence site in Surrey was set to be transformed into a healthcare facility, but before work could proceed the construction company overseeing the project required temporary heating. Cold winter temperatures threatened to leave tradesmen and builders exposed to unfavourable conditions, so Andrews Heat for Hire was contacted and tasked with providing a practical solution.

One of our local heating specialists visited the location and recommended deploying an ID60 indirect fired heater off the back of his assessment. Two 32m lengths of ducting were also supplied, enabling warm air to be distributed evenly throughout the building.

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Andrews Heat for Hire help avoid costly delays

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we understand the importance of heating a construction site, with a warm environment being absolutely vital when working to a deadline. This is especially the case when the new building is to be used as a care home for the elderly. When a specialist care home builder experienced delays caused by extreme weather conditions, they contacted Andrews Sykes for a solution.

We visited the site immediately and conducted a site survey, the results of our survey indicated that a FH250 Indirect Fired Heater would be the most efficient unit to use as it is very robust and will work, unattended for long periods of time in the most arduous conditions. Delivered and installed, the unit was placed adjacent to the new structure and connected to the building via two lengths of 300mm diameter ducting. This enabled the heat to access the space from two sides quickly and efficiently.

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Heater hire during London construction project

Andrews Heat for Hire often receives calls from large construction companies. In London a major construction project was taking place in a building across five floors in wet and damp conditions, running the risk of delayed completion. The construction company called Andrews Heat for Hire for a solution to the problem. Within hours Andrews delivered two FH250 site heaters, a product specifically developed to deliver large volumes of clean heat over long distances. The FH250 can work unattended for extended periods of time in the most arduous conditions.

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