Heating Sector – Building and Construction

Construction company seeks temporary heating equipment

When a renowned construction company in London required a temporary heating solution for a large housing development, Andrews Heat for Hire was contacted and asked to provide a solution that would raise temperatures within the building. The contractor overseeing the project was facing the prospect of delays and was desperate to avoid this scenario due to tenancy commitments.

Low ambient temperatures were threatening to affect wet trade processes including plastering and floor laying. An Andrews engineer visited the client’s site a few hours after being contacted and after assessing the environment and conducting a thorough assessment, proposed a bespoke heater hire solution to ensure surfaces dried correctly.

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Andrews Sykes provides heating for construction company

Andrews Heat for Hire was recently approached by a West Midlands construction company requiring a solution to assist with the production of pre-fabricated building blocks.

The well-known company specialises in manufacturing architectural cladding systems featuring components that include brick, natural stone and granite faced panels. The manufacturers were having issues drying cement that had been poured into moulds, requiring our team to visit the site and ascertain which equipment would be best suited to the application.

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Andrews Heat for Hire provides heating solution for leading construction company

Andrews Heat for Hire was recently contacted by a leading construction company in search of an effective heating solution  that would help dry the floors and walls of a newly-built West Sussex college during the latter stages of the project.

A local expert visited the site to conduct a free site survey before proposing a tailor made drying solution, consisting of an Aurora FH111 oil heater and all required lengths of ducting. It was felt this particular unit was most suitable given the dimensions of the application, and guaranteed the customer a reliable heating supply once installed.

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Andrews provide short-term heater hire for local school

A national construction company recently contacted Andrews Heat for Hire in search of a heater hire package that would raise temperatures inside a newly-built gym.

The customer in question was in the finishing stages of a school sports hall construction project and required temporary heating to help speed up the drying of paint. The unit we provided would then remain on site to maintain temperatures inside so that the school’s opening sporting event could proceed as planned.

It was originally expected that the school’s own heating system would be commissioned but this could not be connected in time.

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Andrews provide temporary heating to accelerate floor drying process

When the world’s largest genetic modification company was in the process of building a new office block, Andrews Heat for Hire was drafted in to provide equipment which could quickly raise the temperature on site.

The contractor in charge of the project required a short-term heating solution to assist with laying floors which they were struggling to do due to low ambient temperatures.

An Andrews heating specialist conducted a survey of the area within hours of initial contact and subsequently proposed an appropriate heater hire package consisting of three high capacity FH4000 oil heaters. Each unit was accompanied by a 3000-litre fuel tank to facilitate continuous operation during a critical stage of the project.

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Temporary heating required for major construction scheme

When a major construction company in Guildford required a temporary heating solution for a building project, Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted and asked to provide equipment to raise temperatures on site.

A reliable and constant supply of heating was needed during the absence of a fixed system, to ensure all works could be completed and ensure the warehouse could be opened for use as soon as possible.

An Andrews engineer conducted a survey of the area and subsequently proposed an appropriate heater hire based on the project’s requirements. Plans were then made to deliver and install a high capacity FH4000 unit.

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Hotel chain undergo major refurbishment with help from Andrews heaters

When a world renowned hotel group were undergoing a refurbishment on the latest addition to their chain of hotels, Andrews were called in to provide the building with a temporary heating hire arrangement. The client required space heating to be distributed within the building, mainly to the stairwell, during the planned refurbishment works.

Our experts surveyed the project, proposing a heater hire package that would fulfill the needs of a major client. Several ID 65 oil-fired units were recommended, due to their ability to be used in places with limited ventilation.

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Andrews Heat for Hire assist with major construction project

When a well-known construction company required heating for a building project, the contractor overseeing the construction scheme contacted us in search of an immediate heating hire solution.

The client was overseeing a major housing build in Leith, Edinburgh, creating a combination of new houses and flats on an old postal sorting site. However, heavy rainfall and low temperatures meant that the progression of the four storey flats and houses were at risk of being delayed.

After conducting a thorough assessment of the area, one of our heating specialists put together a suitable hire package based on the application’s requirements. Multiple ID65 Dual Voltage oil heaters were delivered to the site and used to dry the dampness from the ground floor to the second level.

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Luxury apartments kept warm by Andrews Heat for Hire

The delicate nature of any floor fitting process means that temperatures must be closely controlled to ensure proper drying of the flooring. So before a housing construction company could begin installing a floor arrangement, Andrews Heat for Hire was approached for a temporary heating package.

A site survey allowed an Andrews technician to recommend a suitable solution to the client, that would prevent newly-laid floor panels from warping under the strain of fluctuating temperatures.

Four DE190 electric heaters were agreed upon and stationed on each floor undergoing work, ensuring a constant supply of heat was being distributed throughout the site. Our heater rental solution was required to operate overnight due to an issue with a lack of power onsite, and this served to guarantee that indoor temperatures never fell below a desirable level.

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Andrews dry concrete flooring at tarmac company warehouse

Before concrete can be laid during the winter period, a series of precautions must be taken to ensure the composition sets correctly. When outdoor temperatures are low, concrete naturally sets more slowly and can even stop completely if it gets colder than 5°C. In some cases contractors will alter the mixture constituents, but this may not always be feasible if the weather fluctuates too unpredictably.

A large building materials company encountered this precise scenario at one of their sites in Derbyshire, prompting them to source a temporary heater hire package that could assist their drying process. Our client was looking to lay concrete on the second floor of a large equipment store located at a quarry in Buxton, but adverse conditions led to concerns that this would freeze once poured.

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