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Andrews Heat for Hire responds to aircraft maintenance service

Andrews Heat for Hire was contacted by a leading aircraft maintenance company seeking an emergency heating arrangement that could be delivered to their hangar and installed as quickly as possible. The client suffered a complete breakdown of their own heating system, which was in the process of being completely overhauled. Dozens of employees work in [...]

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British Rally Championship driver Russell Brookes passes away

Andrews Sykes is saddened to hear the news that British Rally legend Russell Brookes has passed away at the age of 74. Russell, the Double British Rally Championship driver is forever associated with the company famously for his “Andrews Heat for Hire” liveried rally cars. For Andrews Sykes, it has been without a doubt a [...]

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How to kill the chill this winter: Office Tactics

During the months of autumn and winter, the drastic change in weather can have an adverse effect on the mind and body, leaving our mood and ability to concentrate in a deficient state. Where our bodies feel the cold in terms of a temperature drop, cold and flu, hypothermia and frostbite, our state of mind [...]

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Are your facilities prepared for a seasonal temperature drop?

With summer now over and autumn upon us, many will have already noticed the seasonal transition prompting temperatures to fall quite sharply. It will soon be time to reach for the thicker garments and hot drinks as people take precautions in their quest to overcome the cold weather coming our way. The human body is [...]

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Andrews Heat for Hire help to keep school open

Severe weather conditions can create significant problems for schools, closing a school, even for just a day, interrupts education and can have serious implications for parents and students alike. Therefore when a school in Bristol called Andrews Sykes for assistance after their boiler room had flooded, we acted immediately. Within 4 hours we had delivered [...]

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Andrews Heater hire provides bespoke heating solution for storage warehouse

Andrews Heat for Hire was recently drafted in to provide temporary heating for a big brand storage company, after temperatures in their warehouse dropped below 8°C in the winter months. This created an uncomfortable working environment for employees and so something needed to be done immediately. The client in question was looking to heat a [...]

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Andrews Heat for Hire keep stallholders warm during cold spell

When north Lincolnshire’s biggest indoor market required short-term heating to keep stallholders comfortable during the winter period, local authorities approached us in search of an immediate solution. A local specialist reviewed the site and recommended that our client hire a single high capacity FH4000 indirect heater, along with a fuel tank and four lengths of [...]

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UK faced with weather warnings as temperatures plummet to -5C

After a fairly mild start to winter, the UK is now expected to be hit by crippling conditions and widespread snowfall – with experts predicting weeks of chaos. Temperatures have already fallen below freezing across many parts of the country, prompting the Met Office to release a yellow ice warning for a number of northern [...]

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Temporary heating for London fashion house

A leading fashion organisation based in the City of London, contacted Andrews Heat for Hire last week seeking an emergency heating solution for their offices. The agency’s own system was undergoing repair and so a replacement was sought while this was being completed. We supplied the client with a DE95 electric heater, after establishing via [...]

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Heating supply for a hospital X-ray room

Different scenarios take place in the rooms within a hospital. Public buildings must ensure all visitors receive comfortable care, this being the hospitals duty. Andrews Heat For Hire comprehend the different actions that take place, this is why we will always offer expert advice and a precise solution. A District General Hospital had a problem [...]

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