Heater Hire

Product of the Month – October

Winter is fast approaching! If you’re looking to keep your large indoor spaces warm during the chilly months ahead, our Product of the Month for October offers you a perfect solution – the Aurora FH4000 portable oil-fired heater.

With a heating capacity of up to 383kW, the FH4000 can efficiently heat spaces up to 8,457mᶟ in size. This heavy-duty heater is built to withstand tough industrial environments with its sturdy, lockable stainless steel chassis and fully automatic operation. Despite its rugged construction, the FH4000 delivers an impressive 92% fuel efficiency when used in recirculation mode. But what does this mean? Watch our video here.

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September’s Product of the Month: Aurora FH 111 DV heater

As summer’s end ushers in frosty temperatures, keeping facilities warm becomes critical. Our September product of the month, the Aurora FH 111 DV indirect fired oil heater, is a powerful, heavy-duty heating solution ready for winter.

This compact unit measures just 78cm wide, manoeuvring into tight spaces where bulkier heaters can’t. With 110kW of nominal heating capacity, the FH 111 DV efficiently warms large areas up to 2,440m3. It’s ideal for barns, warehouses, construction sites, events, and anywhere requiring robust indoor heating.

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Video: How to save money on your heating installation

We’re always looking to promote fuel savings to customers who hire heaters (and other products!) from us, because who doesn’t like saving money?

As such, we’re very excited to share the below video demonstrating the ease with which our units can be configured to a recirculation mode.

This short production combines sleek footage and simple animations to showcase the flexibility on offer from Andrews Heat for Hire.

Looking to get more out of your heating units and keep costs low at the same time? Contact us today at 0800 211 611.

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Snow is falling… It’s time to call Andrews Heat for Hire

Snow, sleet, and cold conditions have swept across the Midlands, East of England, London, and the South East, triggering yellow weather warnings.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Steve Willington, said: “It is staying cold with daytime temperatures remaining only a few degrees above freezing in many places over the coming days and overnight temperatures dropping to -10°C or lower in isolated spots.”

Although we cannot change or control the weather, we can ease your worries by letting you know that we are still offering nationwide and same-day delivery despite the current weather conditions.

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Andrews Heat for Hire provides heating solutions two years in a row

A great sign of good business is repeat customers, and we pride ourselves on delivering an effective service that satisfies customers to the extent that they don’t wish to look anywhere else!

Last week, we received an enquiry from an installation board company that also contacted us at the same time last year seeking a high-capacity heating solution for their warehouses.

Clearly, our client values their employees just as much as we do, and they did everything in their power to ensure staff would not feel the nip in the air this autumn!

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Helping our customers keep their fuel costs down this winter

It’s no secret. Energy prices have risen to unprecedented levels ahead of the winter of 2022, and this has proven to be a very legitimate concern for businesses across the country.

In fact, you would be hard pressed to pinpoint a more turbulent period in recent history for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Those fortunate enough to emerge largely unscathed from Covid are now being hit by a cost of living crisis that has culminated in gas, coal and electricity prices reaching new highs.

While there is an emphasis on commercial frugality, the fact remains that there is and always will be a need for temporary heating during the colder months – and we’re committed to helping our customers get the balance right.

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Opening of new retirement home looms thanks to Andrews!

It’s that time of year again, and we’ve already had a number of enquiries relating to projects just like this one! Earlier in the month, a building contractor in Kent sought our intervention during the latter stages of a development they were responsible for.

On this occasion, we helped a construction company dry out the interior of a newly-built care home to ensure that painting and floor laying could be efficiently carried out. The recent dampness and drop in temperature had contrived to delay the opening of the facility, and this was simply not conceivable given that vulnerable people were relying on everything going according to plan.

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Divine intervention from Andrews Sykes keeps Soul Church warm!

Churches are notoriously difficult to heat because of their high ceilings and stone walls and floors, with older, traditional buildings posing a particular challenge as far as maximising energy efficiency is concerned.

In an attempt to get the most out of their HVAC system, a recent client of ours turned to us for some temporary heating equipment while their existing arrangement was being upgraded.

Our local expert was on site barely an hour after we were first contacted by the customer, who explained the difficulties they had been having with overcoming the cold weather.

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High capacity heating arrangement aids hotel building fit-out

With a new hotel in Croydon said to be just a few months away from opening, the construction company responsible for the project turned to us for a temporary heating solution. Their requirement stemmed from the need to complete the interior fit-out as quickly as possible, which was being made more difficult by the unfavourably cold conditions.

Our client had arranged for various sub-contractors to visit the location and undertake timber works, joinery, plastering and floor laying, so it was critical that the temperature and humidity levels of the building were conducive to these tasks.

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High capacity heater used to dry out building mid-construction

Although a small quantity of moisture is necessary for some materials to cure correctly during a building’s construction, excessive dampness can pose a serious long-term issue. In fact, high humidity levels can create major problems for a contractor, including delays to finishing and materials being damaged.

Of course, during the winter months, the scope for additional obstacles is heightened by the fact that open structures are exposed to the elements.

This is quite a common occurrence, particularly at this time of year, and we’ve been busy working with customers to ensure the effects of recent rainfall are minimised. One of our clients is currently in the process of constructing a new car showroom and office complex for a world-famous luxury car manufacturer.

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