football stadium air conditioning

The positions we have played at football stadiums over the years

As we are coming towards the end of the Women’s World Cup 2023. The Andrews Sykes staff have been reminiscing over the past work we have serviced at many amazing football stadiums across the UK.

Over the past years, we have provided temporary solutions for many environments. We love our clients all the same – but as many engineers and specialists are football lovers – when we receive a job enquiry at a football stadium it creates a buzz around the depots.
Like the positions played on the field, we place our specialists at Andrews Sykes in the same positions when we are providing potential solutions for a client’s problem. Our team is treated like a football squad, ensuring the positions we play are to our advantage so we can score a goal or ensure our customers have an incredible save.

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Northampton Town FC seek air conditioning ahead of pre-season friendly

With clients ranging from sports clubs operating at the top level to everyday fitness centres and gymnasiums, Andrews Air Conditioning has a proven and extensive track record of supporting the sports and leisure industry.

In many cases, our relationships with customers span many years and are founded on an understanding that we deliver whatever is required in a prompt fashion.

This was once again evidenced on one of the hottest days of 2021, when Northampton Town FC approached us for a temporary cooling solution. A club representative called our Peterborough depot and specifically requested two portable Polar Wind units to reduce temperatures inside an office at their Sixfields Stadium.

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