Flood recovery

Andrews work with local councils to provide flood recovery in northern England

The arrival of Storm Desmond in the run-up to Christmas 2015 saw much of the UK badly struck by unprecedented levels of rainfall. Flood defence schemes had largely proved futile and around 60,000 homes were left without power in the worst affected areas. Water also rose to first floor windows in hundreds of houses in Cumbria and Northumberland, with the Met Office announcing that December was the wettest month ever recorded on these shores.

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Flood warnings issued nationwide as severe weather strikes

With yellow weather warnings in place for much of England and Wales following torrential rainfall, instances of flooding are expected to affect parts of the UK. The heavy weather has been attributed to a burst of low pressure travelling across the country coupled with warm and humid air linked to Hurricane Humberto, which devastated the Bermuda coastline in mid-September.

Forecasters predict that up to 70mm of rain could fall in just a few hours in some areas, with flood-related disruption expected as a result.

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Cumbria flood victims aided by Andrews Dehumidification Hire

Storm Desmond’s arrival in early December saw much of the UK struck by record amounts of orographic rainfall, with Cumbria and other North-West regions among the worst affected areas. The level of devastation has prompted the environment secretary to form a group specifically designed to consider how best to strengthen flood defences, but for thousands of people, this measure has come too late.

Consequences have been far-reaching and include major disruption to transport systems, electricity failure, cancelled sporting events and even deaths. Pictures of Carlisle United’s submerged ground went viral online and encapsulated the sense of helplessness felt by business and home owners alike.

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Infographic: the impact of flooding and how it can affect YOU

At Andrews Sykes, we understand the impact of flood damage and perhaps more crucially, the repercussions of failing to react quickly. Finding the most appropriate solution can often be a complicated process but our direct industry experience allows us to develop specific pump hire and dehumidifier hire packages designed to accelerate your recovery.

Although rainfall is unquestionably the primary contributor to flooding, heavy downpours often combine with other factors to catastrophic effect – as highlighted by the infographic below:

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