factory cooling

Storytime: How Andrews Sykes always saves the day

Once upon a time, in the fast-paced land of manufacturing, the engineers of Andrews Sykes were regarded as heroes, for they understood the value of every fleeting moment. This is because, amongst the countless businesses, one company stood out, Andrews Sykes, who possessed the power to turn the tides when time hung in the balance.

In the kingdom of Carrington, where the realm of plastic fabrication thrived, a dire situation unfolded, threatening to halt the vital operations of prominent players in the manufacturing industry.

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Temporary chiller hire keeps factory operational following temperature surge

Andrews Chiller Hire was recently drafted in to assist a global defence contractor after receiving an urgent enquiry for temporary cooling to restore conditions within their factory.

With summer temperatures soaring, our client was struggling to maintain a comfortable environment inside their machining workshops, causing production to grind to a halt for safety reasons. Usually operating 24 hours a day, the mechanical jigs were actually warping due to the heat and so addressing the problem quickly was of critical importance.

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