extreme weather

Six in seven Brits think extreme weather is here to stay

People in Britain are convinced extreme weather conditions are here to stay, with 85% believing it has become the norm.

Flooded roads, fallen trees and damaged fences are no longer seen as rare occurrences. In fact, a quarter of 2,000 adults surveyed admitted they had been victims of flooding in some form.

Brits also estimate they’ve spent upwards of £790 in the last five years on repairs to their homes as a result of weather damage.

And more than one in 10 have had to spend more than £2,000 on weather-related restorations.

One in five are also planning changes to their home to combat the increasingly dangerous weather conditions – with a fifth planning on using sandbags to fight bad weather conditions.

And with an estimated 3,300 homes hit by extreme floods across the UK in recent months, 73 per cent believe the government need to do more to help people who suffer damage to their home from such circumstances. read more