September’s Product of the Month: Aurora FH 111 DV heater

As summer’s end ushers in frosty temperatures, keeping facilities warm becomes critical. Our September product of the month, the Aurora FH 111 DV indirect fired oil heater, is a powerful, heavy-duty heating solution ready for winter.

This compact unit measures just 78cm wide, manoeuvring into tight spaces where bulkier heaters can’t. With 110kW of nominal heating capacity, the FH 111 DV efficiently warms large areas up to 2,440m3. It’s ideal for barns, warehouses, construction sites, events, and anywhere requiring robust indoor heating.

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Comedic delights and comfortable nights! Adaptable cooling solutions for Edinburgh Fringe Festival

For over a decade, Andrews Sykes has been the trusted provider of cooling solutions for a renowned comedy festival in Edinburgh. This year’s challenge was no exception – ensuring the comfort of both comedy enthusiasts and performers in a series of temporary venues spread across the bustling month of August.

Our engineers embarked on a mission to grasp the festival’s unique requirements, leading to a detailed and precise quote and installation plan. Despite tight deadlines, our dedication to delivering the best and most cost-effective solution remained on point as always!

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Concert venue in Scotland assisted by Andrews Heat for Hire

When a conference facility in Scotland lost its heating supply at the end of last December, they needed Andrews Heat for Hire to provide a temporary solution. The venue hosted concerts throughout February but required emergency intervention to ensure attendees didn’t get cold.

We provided two FH2000 heaters and one FH111 model in order to match the client’s own system – which produced around 500kW of heat. The main arena has a capacity of 8,500, meaning multiple units were required to adequately warm the area. We also manufactured a set of false doors with appropriately fashioned holes, to allow the ducting to pass through.

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Chiller Hire for Cheese

A major UK cheese event is held every year to raise the profile of British Cheese. Temperature is crucial to preserve the individual wheels of cheese, otherwise it can cause a sweaty reaction and in some extreme cases melting of these dairy products. There are more than 1000 different types of cheeses, each one needs a specific temperature.

When the organisers called Andrews Chiller Hire they specifically asked for a temporary cooling unit to supply cold air for the various stands. Andrews Chiller Hire supplied a 100 kW Fluid Chiller with mobile air handling units to supply cool clean air to the required areas. This highly efficient chiller is used for a multitude of applications where large volumes of cooled air are needed. All the hoses supplied needed to be enclosed within the floor and positioned within the channelled routes in strict accordance with the events team requirements and health and safety regulations.

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Football VIP’s keep warm with Andrews Heat for Hire

A premier league football club based in London, recently erected a semi-permanent marquee to house their new VIP Hospitality area, but hadn’t solved the problem of how to heat it over the colder months.

Andrews Sykes was contacted and within three hours of the initial call, following advice given by our heater hire experts, we supplied two ID60 Indirect Oil Fired Heaters complete with ducting, thermostats, fuel buggies and special air diffusers. This product is designed to be used in places with limited ventilation or if heat is needed in an area that has combustible material close by. In addition Andrews Sykes were able to discretely place the two heaters outside the area, so that only thing the customers could see inside the marquee was the special air diffusers. This ensured that the marquee was heated throughout the colder months. All our heaters including the ID60 are tested to the highest safety and reliability standards.

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Event heating in London for indoor arena

One of the UK’s largest sports arenas was recently used as the venue for a multi-national media and information organisation’s Christmas party. The event organiser contacted Andrews Heat for Hire regarding the possibility of hiring heaters for the event. The client wanted to keep party guests warm during the evening when temperatures lowered. Our experts worked closely with the client to determine what equipment was needed.

For this event, three Andrews FH4000 indirect fired heaters were recommended to deliver a powerful total heating output of one megawatt. The FH4000 is one of the most efficient heaters in our fleet and is 92% fuel efficient making it extremely environmentally friendly. The FH4000 is a very portable unit that is also stackable for storage, great for events with limited space available. The customer was very satisfied with our efficient timings and by the smooth setting up of equipment, especially as all the guests were kept warm! Andrews Heat for Hire provide heating services for events all over London during the Christmas period so feel free to call 0800 211 611 to discuss your requirements.

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Andrews Sykes Launches New High Capacity, High Performance Mobile Air Conditioning Unit

Andrews Sykes HPAC90 High Performance Air Conditioner

The HPAC90 is our largest and highest capacity mobile Air Conditioning unit, with a nominal cooling and heating capacity (via Heat Pump function) of 90kW. One of the major benefits of the unit is that it only requires connection to a suitable power supply and temporary ducting and is operational within minutes requiring no intervention or attention

It is ideally suited to cooling large volume spaces such as exhibitions, film sets, marquees, outside broadcast locations as well as more ‘industrial/commercial’ settings such as storage facilities and manufacturing/assembly areas. It is also ideal for heating or cooling event space in temporary structures

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Andrews Sykes – 30 Years of Great Teamwork in British Motorsport

Andrews Sykes has been supplying climate control equipment for events at one of Britain’s leading race circuits since 1983, which, for the fact fiends amongst us, happened to be the last year the Grand Prix took place on a Saturday. The winner, Alain Prost, was amongst a field of names many will remember from when there were more ‘characters’ in Formula 1, such as Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet, Niki Lauda and Keke Rosberg.

The facilities in motorsport and other hospitality events have certainly evolved since then and to ensure what are now expected steady levels of comfort, especially in VIP hospitality, Andrews Sykes  provides automatically controlled heat pump/chiller units capable of maintaining constant even temperatures irrespective of whether it’s a sweltering heatwave or a typically British summer – unrelenting rain and blustery winds.
We also provide portable air conditioning for outside broadcast facilities, including commentary boxes and control centre cabins

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We did wonder if the party had started a bit early at Glasto…

When we were asked to provide pumping advice and equipment during the driest period for many years, it all seemed a bit surreal

When the festival’s specialist electrical contractor approached us to provide expertise and pumping equipment to build a waterfall feature for the 2013 Glastonbury Festival, we were delighted to step in and assist.

As you can see, the end result is spectacular, even for the more, er, sober minded of us

We built a purpose made manifold attached to a PX 12 submersible pump and control panel, all of which helped to create a very effective and practical approach to what was, initially, quite a challenging requirement – most of the time Sykes Pumps is asked to meet purely functional criteria – something more ‘aesthetic’ is slightly unusual. Festivals like Glasto often create a demand for flooding and rainwater dispersal, as newspapers are fond of showing, as well as some less pleasant aspects of colourful music festival life – so this made a really interesting change

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Andrews Air Conditioning Hire cool down leading car company

A high tech, deluxe presentation theatre was being built within the headquarters of a prominent car company with demands that all furniture and equipment were of the highest quality. With several large plasma televisions and seats for up to 75 people, the company needed a range of supreme air conditioning units for the theatre and so called Andrews Air Conditioning Hire.

Within four hours of the phone call to Andrews Air Conditioning Hire, our experts had delivered and installed three of our PAC22 units. Being one of our more powerful and stylish units, it was perfect and ensured the theatre was evenly cooled.

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