Andrews Air Conditioning provides gym-ready cooling solutions

In fitness facilities, the significance of a properly functioning cooling system cannot be overstated. The gymnasium, a space where people strive to push their physical limits, necessitates a cool and comfortable environment to facilitate optimal performance.

Recently we received an emergency enquiry as a customer’s gymnasiums cooling system had been vandalised and was no longer working. The system’s copper metal components had been stolen, leaving the facility without its critical cooling. This threatened to compromise the gym’s reputation as a reliable and comfortable workout space, particularly since it was open 24/7, a cooling solution that could provide uninterrupted cold air circulation was needed.

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Tackling temperature trouble at Twickenham Stadium

Facing a temperature challenge hotter than a fiery scrum, Twickenham Stadium’s home and away changing rooms needed a game-changing cooling solution. With the stakes high and temperatures even higher, the stadium management was quick to call in the cavalry for a winning strategy.

In a plot twist worthy of a last-minute try, the stadium manager contacted Andrews Sykes to conduct a free site survey and our team huddled up at the stadium, just hours after the 4pm call. With their game faces on, our sales engineers assessed the situation, creating a playbook for success. Within a mere 30 minutes, a quote was passed like a precision lineout, ensuring no time was lost!

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Andrews Air Conditioning provide cooling equipment for renowned coffee roasting company

A multi award-winning coffee roasting company in London recently contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire in search of urgent cooling equipment to reduce temperatures in their warehouse.

The client’s coffee roaster was giving off excessive heat within their facility which was causing staff to feel unusually warm whilst working. To rectify the issue, practical short-term air conditioning arrangement was sought to keep employees happy.

After conducting a site survey of the application, our specialists recommended the deployment of several ET25 portable air conditioners. The units were placed directly inside the building, with the cold duct outlets used to provide the affected areas with huge volumes of direct, cold air. This arrangement was crucial in helping to overcome the heat loads generated and ensure the worst-affected spots were drastically improved.

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