environmental pump hire

Working towards a more sustainable Sykes

As we celebrate Earth Week, it’s important to consider sustainable solutions when enquiring about a pump from our customer service team. At Andrews Sykes, we offer a range of eco-friendly options to help protect our planet and your budget.

Consider telemetry systems

As industry leaders, we have been using telemetry systems for years – and we’ve recently upgraded our remote monitoring equipment to allow customers to troubleshoot issues remotely. This accessory provides live feedback on key information, such as fuel levels and efficiency, eliminating unnecessary trips and limiting energy consumption.

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Housing development flood prevented thanks to Sykes Pumps

With a Welsh residential area at risk of dozens of homes suffering flooding due to excessive rainfall, a pump hire solution was required immediately to overcome the issue. When the new development was originally built, two attenuation lagoons were put in place to hold stormwater and prevent it from being released into the surrounding environment.

A prolonged period of heavy downpours had caused the two designated basins to exceed capacity, leading to the prospect of many homes being flooded unless something was done quickly.

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