Emergency pump response

Providing swift, dedicated service in any condition

We recently dispatched Andy, one of our top field engineers, to a remote quarry location before hazardous conditions and heavy rainfall could cause any problems on site.

Although it was late in the day after completing a full schedule, Andy readily agreed to drive to the quarry. Upon arrival, he methodically assessed and addressed multiple complex issues to successfully restore pumping operations before rising water levels became dangerous.

Throughout the challenging process, Andy applied his technical expertise while maintaining an upbeat attitude and keeping the client informed of his progress. He made multiple trips in the rain and mud to retrieve needed tools and parts from his service vehicle parked some distance away from the area of concern.

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Rain, rain, go away: fast flood control with Sykes Pumps

A long-time client contacted Sykes Pumps recently regarding rising water levels at their lake in South East London. After periods of heavy rain, groundwater had infiltrated the lake and threatened to cause it to overflow. Having worked with this customer before, our team conducted an updated site survey to ensure no changes would impact the potential pump installation.

Within a week of the initial inquiry, we recommended and delivered a UVO 150/100 Super Wispa pump set, along with the necessary flanged piping, fuel tank, and flow meter. The quiet operation of the pump was critical due to the nearby residential area and nature reserve. The unit needed to run continuously, 24/7, to pump the water through the existing 2.5 km pipeline to the River Thames.

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Sykes Pumps provides emergency pumping solution for house building contractor

At Sykes Pumps, we’re used to receiving last-minute callouts. Our ability to handle projects at short notice is the reason so many customers know they can rely on us when things go wrong. So, when East Sussex based house-building contractor required us to supply an urgent pumping rental scheme, they contacted us at the eleventh hour.

The customer in question was about to close its site for the Christmas period when a situation arose that required immediate attention.

Sykes Pumps was asked to provide equipment to prevent water levels from rising too high during an excavation job. The ramifications of failing to address the issue included the possibility of nearby residents suffering flooding. It was therefore essential that we moved quickly!

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Sykes Pumps help major international airport avert potential flood risk

When the UK’s second busiest airport experienced a potential flood risk, Sykes Pumps were contacted to provide an emergency pumping solution.

Gatwick Airport is currently at risk from two main sources, flooding from the two rivers (River Mole and Gatwick Stream) adjacent to the Airport and flooding from intense rainfall falling on the Airport and exceeding the capacity of the surface water drainage system.

To overcome that risk, civil engineering specialists were drafted in to conduct improvement works to the River Mole in the Gatwick Pond E area, ensuring the river can hold the variable flow rates typical of the location.

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Environment Agency issue further flood warnings following heavy UK weather

More than 100 flood alerts have been issued across the country in recent days after torrential rain struck a number of regions. This has led to rivers rising in both Dorset and York, while the River Ogmore in Wales has also been reported to have caused widespread devastation.

Weather experts have predicted that heavy downpours are set to carry on throughout the latter part of the week, as Storm Angus continues to batter Britain.

Greg Dewhurst, of the Met Office, said: “We have seen the area of low pressure that brought heavy rain to the south and west, moving into southern Scotland and the North East.

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