emergency pump hire

Our engineers are on standby to handle your emergency pumping and drying needs

The Met Office has warned of a potential ‘danger to life’ when Storm Eunice hits, with wind speeds of up to 100mph expected to sweep most of the UK.

As a result, a second red weather warning – the rarest and most severe alert – has been issued to cover London and the southeast of England from 10am today.

A separate red warning is already in force for South Wales and the northern coast of southwest England, prompting widespread school closures in these areas.

The Environment Agency has urged people to act vigilantly amidst the threat of flooding, with coastal communities in the south thought to be among those most at risk.

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Thames Water seeks emergency pump hire following burst water main

An emergency pumping requirement demands an instant response, particularly when the implications of inaction include members of the public being severely inconvenienced. This was the situation a revered construction company found themselves in after a burst water main in Thamesmead left a quiet residential area flooded.

The contractor was left to handle the project on behalf of Thames Water, with their desire to rectify the issue as soon as possible prompting them to contact Sykes Pumps. Having phoned our local depot in Charlton shortly after the problem was reported, it was evident that the client had an understanding of precisely which unit they were looking for to help remove the nuisance water on site.

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Natural resource producer requests pump hire to provide continual water source

It would be impossible to ignore that many industries now emphasise the importance of ensuring that goods and materials are produced as responsibly as possible, with companies keeping a much closer eye on the environmental consequences of their operations.

And this is certainly true of one of our recent clients – a horticultural specialist whose modus operandi is essentially developing ‘greener’ products made from compost, coir, bark and other renewable resources.

We were initially contacted after the customer encountered difficulties at their site in Cheshire. Here, a specific type of growing media is produced, with this process wholly dependent on the constant availability of a water source.

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