Emergency Chiller Hire

Crisis averted: Andrews Sykes tackles bitumen emergency

Andrews Sykes has never been a stranger to unique and time-sensitive challenges. Recently, we encountered a particularly pressing issue when a Manchester-based fuel quality and tank risk mitigation company found themselves in a dire emergency. A devastating fire had ravaged their bitumen plant, resulting in ruined supplies that needed immediate attention.

The first order of business was to swiftly eliminate the cold air bitumen from the silo to prevent any further complications. To tackle this daunting task, we devised a truly innovative approach. Our team recommended the utilisation of a 150 kW chiller, coupled with a 100 kW air handler and 600 mm of ducting, to create a controlled cooling environment. The ultimate goal was to reduce the temperature of the bitumen, causing it to solidify and become more manageable for extraction.

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Andrews Chiller Hire provides prestigious Sheffield theatre with emergency cooling arrangement

When a large theatre in Sheffield was in search of an effective cooling solution to replace their chiller after it suffered an unexpected failure, our specialists were quickly on the scene to provide an effective chiller replacement.

The client in question were in their busiest month of business, with a number of sold-out shows scheduled for the following weeks. As a result, Andrews Chiller Hire was contacted and asked to provide a short-term cooling arrangement to help them avoid any cancellations or disruption.

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Andrews provide short-term chiller to assist with the preservation of stored bodies

Andrews Chiller Hire was recently contacted by a well-known hospital in desperate need of an effective chiller hire to assist with the creation of a temporary body storage facility, after their own storage facility had reached full capacity.

The client in question took the step of converting an existing secure area into a temporary ‘cold room’ to accommodate the additional bodies that they were required to store. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this request, an immediate solution was required.

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Bespoke chiller hire arrangement helps preserve local produce

When planned maintenance works left an award-winning meat company with an excessively warm storage facility, Andrews Chiller Hire was drafted in to provide them with emergency temporary cooling equipment.

The client in question has been locally sourcing and distributing high quality cooked meat to delis and cafes around the UK for a quarter of a century. After their cool storage room was taken offline while general safeguarding was conducted, a temporary cooling solution was necessary to ensure all produce could be safely stored.

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Andrews Chiller Hire assists with the production of the world’s most popular high-speed diesel engines

One of the world’s leading aeronautical engineers encountered a major problem with their production line when their cooling system lost productivity. As a result, Andrews Chillers were contacted and asked to install a temporary chiller system that would enable the production of engines to remain consistent with normal output levels.

Following an assessment by one of our qualified engineers, our solution was to provide a chiller hire package which consisted of a 200kW Fluid Chiller, a plate heat exchanger and a circulation pump – in order to restore functionality to the customer’s existing cooling system.

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Server room air conditioning failure at military base

A military base in East Anglia recently had a communication malfunction due to a problem with the air conditioning unit in their server room. The unit had provided temperature control for the server rooms of a famous Army Regiment. The extreme heat resulted in the computers overheating and shutting down. Fortunately, Andrews Chiller Hire was just a call away and assisted the barracks immediately.

A specialist from Andrews arrived on site to assess the problem. This was swiftly followed by the delivery and installation of the equipment. We provided one 30kW Chiller and three 15kW air handling units. Our solution was to place the 30kW chiller outside the building and connect it to a circuit of three 15 KW air handlers placed around the server room, to achieve maximum climate control. These units are fitted with fan speed controllers and internal condensate pumps for ease of use and maximum efficiency.

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Andrews Sykes ‘pitches in’ to save broadcaster’s blushes.

For many years our client, a leading broadcaster, has been covering The Open, the most prestigious of Golf’s ‘Majors’, certainly the one with the most tradition

This year The Open was hosted at Muirfield Golf Links – East Lothian, Scotland. Unusually hot weather throughout the British Isles embraced Scotland as well and not only did this affect the golf, acting as a ‘fan oven’ on the fairways and greens according to Course Manager Colin Irvine, but every aspect of organising a major event was put under extra stress. Considering last year at Lytham the biggest problem was a virtually constant deluge of rain and unrelenting wind, to have to deal with extreme heat was hard to foresee

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Andrews Sykes and the United Arab Emirates: Going from strength to strength

The UAE has been an important part of Western Asia, and the global economy for much of the modern era, especially so since the discovery of oil in the 1950’s. Variously influenced by Portugal, The Ottoman Empire and until quite recently, Britain, the UAE is considered one of the most developed economies in the world.

Recognising that despite recent challenges, causing slowdown in some activities such as construction, the Emirates remain a vibrant and strong market, Andrews Sykes has continued to invest in our presence there, through Andrews Sykes Climate Rental. There are certainly encouraging signs as our business in the region continues to be strong

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Summer’s Coming, and with it ‘Event’ Season has begun. Are You Ready….?

Keeping Guests Cool – Andrews Sykes: quiet and effective chillers and air conditioning

A key issue for Event and function organisers is creating a comfortable temperature without introducing noisy ‘industrial’ equipment. Andrews Chiller Hire division have added a new range of energy efficient 200kW Heat Pump Fluid Chillers to the already comprehensive and substantial national fleet of specialist climate control equipment. The new units, acknowledged as industry leaders for quietness, efficiency, and power, have been designed to work with Andrews Sykes Air Handling Units to cope with unexpected exceptional peak temperatures; hard to believe after our recent ‘double dip’ winter but experience shows us even in the UK we have to deal with periods of extreme temperatures.
The 200kW Semi-hermetic Reciprocal Compressor Heat Pump Fluid Chiller unit is used on standard, process and ice rink applications, and is ideally suited to all year round event work due to its dual usage for cooling and heating via the integrated Heat Pump. Service and general maintenance is minimal and installation and commissioning of the 200kW Fluid Chiller unit can be completed in under 2 hours.” Dennis Gwynne (Technical Director Andrews Sykes Hire Ltd)

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Data Centre Stays Operational with Andrews Chiller Hire

After a major breakdown in the air conditioning system of a data centre, Andrews Chiller Hire was contacted to supply an emergency cooling system to minimise the effect of the servers overheating.

Andrews Chiller Hire proposed a solution whereas three 500kW chillers coupled to multiple internal fan coils supplied chilled air in to the server room. Being a temperature critical application Andrews Chiller Hire reduced the existing temperature from 30 Deg C to 20 Deg C within 4 hours of the temporary system start up.

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